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Zenky Product Brochure

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Zenky airport and waiting area seating

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Zenky seating, whatever the setting Over 45 years’ experience Over the years, the Zoeftig name has become synonymous with innovation and the highest possible quality standards. Our pioneering seating products have revolutionised the industry and can be found in airports, railway stations, bus depots, cruise and ferry terminals and waiting rooms the world over. The classic Zenky beam seating range is a perfect illustration of what Zoeftig does best: combining cutting edge design with unparalleled flexibility, clean crisp lines with market leading strength and durability, optimum comfort with...

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Seating setting the comfort standard Unprecedented level of comfort The Zenky range designed with comfort in mind At the heart of every Zoeftig seating design is comfort. And the Zenky range is certainly no exception. Ergonomically sculpted to offer the best support to the body, Zenky can make even the longest wait fly by providing an unprecedented level of comfort for extended periods. Through rigorous research and collaboration with relevant specialists and end users, we have created a seating solution where every element has been designed with maximum comfort in mind. The use of high...

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Seating setting new standards Simplicity, strength and security Innovative and design-led, the Zenky seating range is simply beautiful. And beautifully simple. Modular in nature, with minimal components and subassemblies, the seating is quick and easy to install with helpful features such as feet with an ingenious self-levelling design, which eliminates the need for lifting and reduces health and safety risks. Cleaning and maintenance is equally straightforward, with reversible tabletops, removable upholstery pads and Upholstery Protection Buffers included as standard. Don’t be deceived by...

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Seating setting new standards for flexibility Unlimited configurations When it comes to a choice of seating solutions, Zenky stands out. Not only can Zenky seating be used in a wide variety of different applications, it also comes in an extensive range of finishes. Seats, backs and benches, for instance, are available upholstered, or with veneered plywood, powder-coated perforated mild steel, brushed stainless steel and even fully moulded polyurethane that can be moulded in virtually any colour or combination of any of these, for instance, upholstered seat with a veneered back. The Zenky...

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Zenky Plus A new dimension in seating design 01 Zenky Plus with wireframe leg and cantilever PU arm Enhanced comfort levels Zenky Plus offers all the many benefits and advantages of the original Zenky, but pushes back the boundaries just that little bit further to give you a seating solution with added comfort, proportions and style. By a series of subtle design modifications and structural changes, such as taking a noticeably softer upholstery to the very edge of the seat and heightening the back rest, we’ve not only given Zenky Plus a sleeker and more streamlined appearance – we’ve also...

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Zenky PowerArm Seating setting new standards for comfort Giving power to the world More streamlined appearance Zenky has always represented the perfect solution for the traveller in search of rest and relaxation. Now this forward-looking seating range is helping travellers ‘recharge’ in other ways, too. Zenky PowerArm is a seating solution with a difference. Because, as well as delivering the expected Zenky trademark benefits of strength and eye-catching appearance, this unique seating solution incorporates a built-in power supply. Designed to offer maximum convenience, PowerArm is suitable...

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Zenky Curve Zenky Solo Innovative seating solutions Working together Zenky Curve S shape For the traveller in search of a little private space to work, the business lounge used to be the only option. But all that’s changed with Zenky Solo. With its ingenious seating cluster configuration, Zenky Solo provides a dedicated space that’s not overlooked by, or in close proximity to, others, allowing the traveller to work confidentially. Each seat position comes with a table and optional power supply, while ergonomically designed seats utilising exceptional quality foams ensure that Solo is as...

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Zoeftig. The seating solution everyone’s waiting for The public transport seating solutions travelling the world

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Seating setting the right example Corporate and social responsibility As a respected, market-leading, international manufacturer, Zoeftig takes its corporate and social responsibilities extremely seriously. This commitment is embodied in the Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that sits at the heart of our business, encompassing three main areas: • Environment – we are constantly exploring how to minimise the environmental impacts of our products and operations through increased product longevity, better material selection, more sustainable design and manufacturing processes...

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Technical and dimensions For further information email For CAD downloads visit Zenky 7 seat configuration Zenky and Zenky Plus beam lengths Zenky full tables Zenky half tables 600 (24”) Zenky 6 place bench Zenky 3 place bench Zenky 4 place bench Zenky 3 seat Zenky Curve back to back Zenky Plus width and height dimensions Zenky width and height dimensions 600 (24”) Zenky Curve inside Zenky Solo Zenky back to back Zenky Plus back to back Zenky Curve outside 673 (27”) Zenky recliner Zenky back to back 1394 (55”) Zenky table Zenky bench Zenky Plus

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Zenky high back mild steel, upholstered Zenky recliner, mild steel, upholstered Zenky, mild steel, upholstered Zenky PU Zenky perforated mild steel, upholstered seat Zenky perforated stainless steel Zenky beech faced ply (other veneers available) Zenky beech faced ply, upholstered seat Zenky Plus, upholstered Zenky Plus recliner Compact laminate half table Compact laminate full table Perforated brushed stainless steel full table Full quartz table Standard arm Arm with PU pad PU canterlever arm Standard leg Fix down leg Non-skid leg Wireframe leg PRM seat with embroidered logo PRM tip up arm...

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