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More than a robot. The Hambot. ZEISS CALENO Hambot

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Hambot ZEISS CALENO When it comes to completing as many car body measurement tasks as possible on one system, ZEISS has a superior solution: the new ZEISS CALENO Hambot. It offers maximum versatility and the highest performance levels in all measurement disciplines. Its combination of high-performance optical and tactile sensors ensures maximum productivity and precision – not only in the measuring room, but on the shop floor as well. Another important advantage is that because of the model safety equipment, operators can work without any concerns on or in the ZEISS CALENO Hambot. Possible...

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Overview Features & highlights ZEISS RST-P Tactile reference sensor with Piezo technology ZEISS DSC Trapezoidal Z-column and Y-arm: optimized combination of weight and rigidity for high dynamics and accuracy over the long term Friction drives in all axes for vibrationfree operation and maximum mechanical force limitation Ground-level access to the measurement volume from all sides Highly dynamic continuous articulating probe holder for multi-sensor applications

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Removable EPP full enclosure for high temperature stability, easy maintenance access, and low weight ZEISS EagleEye Optical high-speed laser Safety edges for collision protec- line sensor tion on both sides of the Y-arm ZEISS DSC Articulating probe holder Mobile terminal with keyboard and monitor for programming directly at the measurement site Wireless control panel for manual sensor positioning

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One measuring system All tasks Measure geometrical features in record time with ZEISS EagleEye, then digitize large free-form surfaces using the same sensor. Use the automatically substituted tactile sensor to take optimally accurate reference measurements, e.g. for correlation measurements. Capture difficultto-access features by tactile means using ZEISS ThermoFit extensions of up to 800 mm. All on the same system. All without wasting time. ZEISS EagleEye Optical high-speed laser-line sensor with 6th axis

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ThermoFit stylus extension probe holder ZEISS RST-P Tactile reference sensor with Piezo technology Car body sample measurement 45 minutes using ZEISS RST-P tactile sensor 6:25 minutes using ZEISS EagleEye optical sensor more time Video of taking a measurement with ZEISS EagleEye optical sensor: https://zeiss.com/EagleEye

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ZEISS articulating probe holders Fast and precise positioning ZEISS RST-P ZEISS RST-P ZEISS EagleEye Both optical and tactile sensors can be changed over auto- Will the ZEISS CALENO Hambot be used in an area where only matically using the ZEISS DSC articulating probe holder. Its tactile measurements are taken? Are stylus extensions of up to high dynamics and torque as well as its excellent precision are 400 mm sufficient? If so, ZEISS offers a high-performance and the basis for a wide range of measurement tasks. The sensor cost-effective alternative to the ZEISS DSC: the RDS-C6 CAA carrier...

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ZEISS Sensors The benchmark – optical and tactile ZEISS EagleEye features a built-in automatic rotary angle of 26° offers more axis for flexible laser-line ZEISS EagleEye ZEISS RST-P Compared to measurements with a tactile sensor, the ZEISS RST-P offers remarkable advantages over widespread ZEISS EagleEye significantly shortens the measurement time. standard measurement styli: more stable results quality, a For example, in a realistic car body measurement task, service life up to five times longer, and greater safety reserves ZEISS EagleEye reduced the measurement time by 85 percent. in the...

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ZEISS CALENO Hambot - 10

Collaborate safely with ZEISS CALENO No matter how careful people are, human error can never be completely ruled out in everyday measuring tasks. That is why the ZEISS CALENO Hambot features unique, multi-layered safety equipment. First and foremost, this protects operators. However, it also protects the valuable measuring sensors from damage. Safety equipment on the coordinate measuring machine Friction drives ZEISS CALENO is equipped with friction drives on all axes. If an obstacle is blocking the machine, the corresponding friction wheel slips through. This mechanically pre-limits the...

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ZEISS CALENO Hambot - 11

Protective equipment on the sensor carrier Collision protection for the sensor In ZEISS DSC and ZEISS RDS-CAA, the connection point to the sensor is springmounted. In the event of a collision, the sensor can bend, thus protecting it from damage. At the same time, the bending leads to an immediate shutdown of the measuring machine. Optimal collision protection for the sensor carrier The Y-arm connection point on ZEISS DSC and ZEISS RDS-CAA can be equipped with a spring-mounted bending point for collision protection. Protective equipment on the ZEISS RST-P sensor Drive-over protection for...

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ZEISS CALENO Hambot - 12

Perfectly equipped for your tasks In every respect, ZEISS CALENO is designed for top performance and, even with only the basic equipment, satisfies the highest expectations of a ZEISS HAM system. You can also configure the system to meet your individual requirements. In this way, you achieve maximum performance tailored to your use. High temperature stability in any environment Each ZEISS CALENO has a lightweight, removable full enclosure in a modern design that ensures thermal insulation and protects against soiling. For all structurally relevant components, ZEISS consistently uses steel,...

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ZEISS CALENO Hambot - 13

Designs The environment determines the design ZEISS CALENO flush-to-floor Flush-to-floor installation ZEISS CALENO T tabletop construction In the flush-to-floor design, ZEISS CALENO is optimally The ZEISS CALENO T tabletop construction usually does not accessible and can be moved with floor-level conveyors such require any work on the foundation and is less expensive as ZEISS eMOBEE. For all work on and with the measuring than the flush-to-floor variant – with the same outstanding system, the floor-level variant offers the best possible ergo- precision. The measuring table and the measuring...

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ZEISS CALENO Hambot - 15

The table construction ZEISS CALENO T is suitable for shop-floor use

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