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Industrial Metrology Horizontal-arm measuring machines

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The moment you know that you have purchased much more than just a machine. This is the moment we work for.

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Portfolio Horizontal-arm measuring machines ZEISS CARMET The standard for a wide range of tasks Fully configurable for your convenience ZEISS PRO/PRO T advance

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ZEISS PRO/PRO T premium ZEISS CALIGO The premium design with bundled features The complete software for measuring car bodies MPE E from 18 + L/125 < 50 [pm] For measuring ranges up to 10000 x 3000 x 3000 [mm]

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Top performance with a system As a system provider, ZEISS offers just the solutions for the changing conditions of day-to-day measuring tasks with impressive accuracy, effectiveness, and above all, dependability. From the first consultation on the installation, to the maintenance of your measuring machines, ZEISS takes charge of your metrology. You get all the services and products from the same partner – and all optimally matched to each other.

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One-stop partner ZEISS ■ Measuring machines ■ Sensors ■ Styli ■ Clamping devices ■ Software • Advice ■ Project planning ■ Lifecycle services

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ZEISS CARMET Exclusive features for a wide range ZEISS CARMET is an economical, all-inclusive package that leaves nothing to be desired and offers ZEISS quality throughout. The trapezoidal Z column, the user- and maintenance-friendly design, reliable operational safety, good accessibility, and the easy-to-calibrate RDS-CAA articulating probe holder, are only a few of the highlights that are standard features with ZEISS CARMET. Trapezoidal Z column for maximum precision and dynamics Collision protection on both sides Non-slip surface Flush-floor access to measuring range from all sides

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Cover with insulating F.I. technology for temperature stability and easy access for maintenance Integrated control: saves space and speeds up the installation Single measuring ranges [mm] Duplex measuring ranges [mm] RDS-CAA articulating probe holder for fast calibration ZEISS ThermoFit extension, available up to 400 mm MPE E From 35 + L/50 < 80 [pm] At 16-24°C Options and accessories ■ On-floor machine ■ Wireless control panel ■ Swiveling control unit with TFT monitor, keyboard, trackball and control panel holder for programming directly at the measuring point ■ ZEISS FalconEye optical...

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Flush-floor access With the flush-floor model, ZEISS CARMET offers free access from all sides. An on-floor version is available for use with an existing foundation. Precision and dynamics The ZEISS CARMET Z column has a trapezoidal shape. A wide base provides stability and rigidity for maximum precision. The upward taper saves on weight, which benefits the dynamics. In this way ZEISS CARMET combines precision and dynamics in a superior design. Linear guideways with ball chains ZEISS sets in all axes linear guides with ball chains, which are characterized by high rigidity, smooth operation...

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Safety The horizontal arm of the ZEISS CARMET is equipped with space-saving collision protection on both sides to protect people and material from injury and damage. The proven friction drives in the ZEISS machines that simply slip through when there is a blockage also contribute to safety. Temperature stability For all structurally relevant components, ZEISS consistently uses steel, which allows for even, controlled heat expansion. In addition, the Z column is also thermally insulated by F.I. technology. The result: The machine can be used in a broad temperature range from 16 to 24°C...

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ZEISS CARMET sensor ZEISS RDS-CAA ZEISS RST-P ZEISS FalconEye articulating probe holder Touch-trigger sensor Optical sensors The ZEISS RDS-CAA is the standard of The ZEISS RST-P touch-trigger sensor The ZEISS FalconEye triangulation sensor reference among articulating probe holds styli up to 10 g in mass and 90 significantly accelerates the analysis of mm in length. It incorporates the dual car bodies that have many features to principle: First, piezoelectric elements be checked such as bores, sections or This is made possible by the rotary axes located in front of the trigger point...

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ZEISS PRO/PRO T advance Fully configurable for your convenience The ZEISS PRO/PRO T advance is a modular horizontalarm measuring machine that is very easy to configure. This means that it can be ideally tailored to meet your cost efficiency and performance requirements. The ZEISS PRO/PRO T advance also offers you the advantage of the maximum variability in terms of measuring ranges, shapes and sensor systems. Trapezoidal stand and horizontal arm for maximum precision and dynamics Collision protection on both sides Flush-floor access to measuring range from all si

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Premium options Available measuring ranges These premium options can be added to the ZEISS PRO/PRO T advance as required: ZEISS PRO advance single arm [mm] • Full enclosure to protect against dirt and for thermal insulation • Temperature compensation for greater accuracy in the event of variations in Easy access to maintenance-relevant parts temperature • “Performance option” for 50% greater maximum acceleration • “High accuracy” option for Anti-kink protection for sensor approximately 30% less measuring carriers, optional ZEISS PRO advance dual arm [mm] error (in combination with full...

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The measuring beam has a large cross section and only three contact points (Applies to flush-floor and on-floor models) Temperature stability Both the Z column and the horizontal For structurally relevant components, arm of the ZEISS PRO/PRO T have a ZEISS consistently uses steel, which trapezoidal design. The trapezoidal allows for even, controlled heat shape allows for greater rigidity with less expansion. Furthermore, the machine weight compared to square components. does not have to be cooled. As an This benefits both the accuracy and the option, temperature compensation is available...

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Model versions ZEISS PRO is available in three models: • The flush-floor version allows safe, unobstructed access from all sides. • The on-floor version can be placed on an existing foundation. • The table model (PRO T) offers the best independence from a foundation Table (PRO T) because the table itself provides a rigid, stable base. Each version can be equipped with one arm or a dual a

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