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Contact and Optical Sensors - 1

Industrial Metrology Contact and optical sensors A 360 degree view

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 2

Bright prospects with sensors from ZEISS The product line of ZEISS Industrial Metrology – the technology leader – is extremely versatile and includes coordinate measuring machines, sensors, software, technical service, comprehensive customer services and support. ZEISS sets the standard not only for measuring machines, but also for sensors. They meet the increasing expectations on quality and flexibility. For premium measuring performance and peak productivity. Whatever your needs – active or passive, optical or contact, touch-trigger or scanning – the world of sensors from ZEISS has the...

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 3

Table of contents Sensor mounts 4 ZEISS RDS 6 ZEISS CSC Sensors 8 ZEISS RST-P 10 ZEISS XDT 12 ZEISS ViScan 14 ZEISS LineScan 16 ZEISS DotScan 18 ZEISS VAST XXT 20' ZEISS VAST XTR gold 22 ZEISS VAST XT gold 24 ZEISS VAST gold 26 ZEISS EagleEye navigator 28 ZEISS FalconEye 30 ZEISS ROTOS 32 Measuring accessories 34 Stylus racks 36 Specifications

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 4

Sensor mounts ZEISS RDS The basis for maximum flexibility The best articulating probe holder in its class enables you to reach virtually all angles via numerous single positions. The ZEISS RDS articulating probe holder is particularly well-suited for measuring complex parts, where features require many styli with different spatial directions. It reaches up to 20,736 positions in 2.5-degree increments – thus providing access to every part feature. This is made possible by the horizontally and perpendicularly arranged rotary axes with rotational ranges of plus/minus 180 degrees. 360˚...

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 5

The accuracy and range of motion offered by ZEISS RDS is unparalleled. ZEISS RDS is also highly flexible: this sensor carrier also accommodates contact and optical sensors

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 6

Sensor mounts ZEISS CSC Maximum dynamics and precision More powerful, faster and more accurate – the ZEISS CSC sensor establishes a new standard for continuous articulating units and is thus ideal for the volume measurement demands of complex car body parts. Optical and contact sensors must be optimally positioned for the volume measurement of complex car body parts if they are also to measure difficult-toreach points in the part interior. Long extensions are often required. It is exactly here that the ZEISS CSC opens up opportunities that have been unavailable until now: this is due to the...

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 7

The new Continuous Sensor Carrier (CSC) from ZEISS Industrial Metrology allows full rotations of 360 degrees in one direction and supports stylus extensions up to 800 millimeters to provide added flexibility in hard-toreach locations. The ZEISS CSC is intended for horizontal-arm measuring machines used for challenging jobs in prototype construction or in process optimization, particularly in the automotive industry

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 8

Touch-trigger sensors Thanks to a unique combination of technical features, the ZEISS RST-P touch-trigger sensor enables a wide range of applications and delivers high precision in all probing directions. This sensor is known for its fast and dynamic capture of measurement data through single-point probing, free from stylus bending and mechanical hysteresis. ZEISS RST-P works according to a dual principle. This means it delivers the actual probing pulse from the piezoelectric elements located in front of the kink point. The three-point bearing also serves as a mechanical kink point that...

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 9

ZEISS RST-P features a robust, long-lasting, wear-free design and high sensitivity

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 10

Multipoint sensors ZEISS XDT Precision in all probing directions Thanks to a unique combination of technical features, the ZEISS XDT multipoint sensor enables a wide range of applications and delivers high precision in all probing directions. There are many instances when users require the flexibility of an articulating probe holder. Compared to touch-trigger sensors, the ZEISS XDT enables an increase in the operating safety and accuracy of the measurements. Unlike touch-trigger, single-point measuring, single-point scanning with sliding acquisition of measuring points provides a result...

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 11

ZEISS XTD features a robust, long-lasting, wear-free design and high sensitivity

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 12

Optical sensors ZEISS ViScan Spotlight on two dimensions The complexity of test pieces today is so extensive that contact or optical sensors alone are no longer sufficient. With the ZEISS ViSCAN 2D optical probe, it is now possible to perform contact and optical measurements on one machine. The hallmark of ZEISS ViScan is its flexibility in all aspects: combined with ZEISS RDS, it permits measurements in all spatial directions without rechucking the part. Different lenses are also available. The working distance is practically independent of the lens used, thus allowing the measurement of...

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 13

The ZEISS ViScan optical probe is an outstanding tool for 2D image capture on small parts and for non-contact measurements of soft workpieces

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 14

Optical sensors ZEISS LineScan Point clouds at the speed of light ZEISS LineScan is the tool of choice when capturing the entire surface of forms using point clouds is important – whether for a comparison with available nominal CAD data sets or for the creation of a new CAD model. ZEISS LineScan is extremely fast: up to 700,000 points per second can be captured for high-speed digitizing. The short measuring times lead to a considerable increase in productivity. ZEISS CALYPSO measuring software and the automatic sensor change out on machines featuring mass technology also contribute to the...

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 15

When a fast measurement of freeform workpieces for a smooth form measurement is required the ZEISS LineScan optical sensor is the ideal choice

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Contact and Optical Sensors - 16

Optical sensors ZEISS DotScan More light on the subject Chromatic white light sensors enable the non-contact capture of workpiece topography. These are generally used when sensitive, reflective or low-contrast surfaces make it difficult to use other optical sensors. ZEISS DotScan is an outstanding option for capturing freeform surfaces and even for minute structures. Chromatic white light sensors – and hence also the ZEISS DotScan – are the method of choice, especially when styli or camera sensors reach their limits on sensitive, soft, reflective or low-contrast surfaces. By using ZEISS...

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