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ZEISS ABIS II Optical Surface Inspection Objective and efficient quality control throughout the production process

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ZEISS ABIS II Optical Surface Inspection – objective and efficient quality control throughout the production process The surface quality of a product – particularly in the automotive industry – constitutes an important criterion for customers and is generally associated with the quality and value of the entire vehicle. The timely detection and objective classification of surface defects with the high-precision ZEISS ABIS II surface inspection system opens up new frontiers in quality assurance. Surface quality throughout the production process Even minimal unavoidable disturbances in the...

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BODY SHOP PRESS SHOP PAINT SHOP Significantly increased costs for late correction of surface defects – an exponential rise along the process chain Early defect recognition saves costs and makes production processes more resource-efficient A majority of defects which can occur during the production process are 'invisible' at the early stages of manufacture. These minute defects only become visibly perceptible later once subsequent processing steps such as paint work have been completed. Reworking these defects, which are reproduced across the entire process, requires considerable manpower...

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Detection of all relevant defect types with ABIS II Objective and fast measurements with robust sensors Using ZEISS ABIS II sensors, a wide range of defect types can be detected. Through the reliable recognition and objective evaluation of dents, bumps, sink marks, waviness, impact lines, constrictions and cracks, the systems are the perfect quality control instruments for the production of sheet metal parts and bodies-in-white. ZEISS ABIS II systems not only identify surface defects affecting the paint on exterior body panels, but also ensure the reliable quality inspection of...

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ZEISS ABIS II Continuous analysis of the surface quality across the entire process chain Many users in the automotive industry rely on integrated Based on a process-wide quality analysis, the required rework surface quality analysis across the entire process chain. The is performed at exactly the necessary locations on the part components are inspected by the same measuring program and at the required process steps, increasing efficiency in as single parts, assembled parts and following cathodic dip the finishing area and significantly reducing costs. Besides painting to identify surface...

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The ZEISS ABIS II offers the highest standards in terms of suitability for industrial applications as well as expandability, defect detection and ease-of-use. To inspect a component, all the user has to do is select it on the touch screen and start the test sequence. Thanks to the high-speed measuring and evaluation speed, a report of the inspection result is available in next to no time The entire operation is reduced to the straightforward selection of the individual component measurements on the touchscreen. When programming additional test sequences for new parts, the operator is...

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ZEISS ABIS system variants – from an offline system all the way to a fully integrated in-line unit ABIS has a flexible system design, and its different upgrades make it possible for the user to select the sensor system that best meets their application requirements. The ZEISS ABIS II Offline allows data acquisition and evaluation at an automatic test stand and is excellently suited for monitoring production. With the ZEISS ABIS II Inline, a fully automated inspection and assessment can be performed by directly integrating the system into the manufacturing environment of the body shop or...

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EN_60_022_0010II Printed in Germany VI/2017 Subject to change in design and scope of delivery and as a result of ongoing technical development. Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH Georg-Wiesbock-Ring 12 83115 Neubeuern Germany Email: optotechnik.metrology.de@zeiss.com Website: http://optotechnik.zeiss.com

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