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Wright Brothers Flight Technology Your guide to simulator solutions

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Customized Solutions for flight organization and private clients Wright Brothers Flight Technology – Your partner for fixed base flight simulators Markets are dynamic, and demand for professional flight training devices is volatile. Wright Brothers Flight Technology (WBFT) is aware of these developments and provides simulation products and services to airlines, training centers, flight schools, and organizations dealing with flight training. Our products allow the industry to shift training hours from Full Flight Simulators to Flight Training Devices. FTDs enable airlines and training...

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Benefits of choosing Wright Brothers Flight Technology • n-house R&D facilities maintaining I flexible design, customizable products, and shorter production lead times • educing total cost of ownership R through affordable cost-efficient purchase prices, lower maintenance cost, and less AOG time • ttractive lease and financing options A for affordable simulator training • utstanding service support O throughout and beyond certification With Wright Brothers Flight Technology you have a reliable partner by your side to find the right solution for your business. Wright Brothers Flight Techn

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Our simulators At Wright Brothers Flight Technology, we have developed a product line with type-specific professional flight training devices to cater to the needs of airlines and authorized training organizations. We offer simulators in fidelity levels FNPT II (+MCC), FTD 1, and FTD 2. In addition, we provide a stand-alone FMS trainer to support flight training at all levels. Our jet aircraft engine simulators Our Airbus A320 and Boeing B737 Fixed Base Flight Simulators are a type-specific replica of the original complete aircraft flight deck. The simulator can be built and configured in...

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Our single and twin engine simulators Our Cessna C-172 and Dimond DA40 and DA42 Fixed Base Flight Simulators are a type-specific replica of the original complete aircraft flight deck. They can be built and configured to meet FNPT II + MCC (EASA) or Level 4 and Level 5 (FAA and CAAC) requirements. • Equipped with fully functional Garmin G1000 • ser-friendly, intuitive IOS, both for monitor and included U tablet • isual system with direct projection (FOV 200 x 40 degrees) V Wright Brothers Flight Technology The DA40 replicates this light aircraft’s single-engine piston (SEP) variant, while...

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About the company Wright Brothers Group designs and manufactures fixed base flight simulators. The company was founded in 2009 to meet the global demand for cost-effective flight simulation training. The headquarters is located in Harbin, China. Wright Brothers Flight Technology (WBFT) functions as the R&D center, and leading engineers from the industry develop our software there. WBFT draws together the hardware, designed & produced in China, with its simulation software expertise in the Netherlands, to fit its customers’ needs. Together the Wright Brothers group is a global player...

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Contact us to find out how we can contribute to your success. Wright Brothers Flight Technology Harbin | Tianjin | Shenzhen (China) + 86 22 5895-2680 (China) Hoofddorp (Netherlands) + 31 (0) 23 303 3461 (Netherlands) La Verne (USA) + 1 909 392 04430 (USA) (English) (Chinese)

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