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The Williams Fanjet Family A Legacy Built on Innovation, Technology and Service The FJ33/FJ44 family began with the introduction of the simple, rugged FJ44-1A. Using elegant engineering solutions and embracing new ideas, Williams created a reliable, easy-to-maintain engine that was inexpensive to own and operate. This two-spool turbofan engine uses two low pressure turbines to drive a fan and intermediate pressure compressor, and one high pressure turbine to drive a centrifugal compressor. More than half of the air flow bypasses the core and is remixed with the airflow in the exhaust which yields high thermal and propulsive efficiency while minimizing noise. Engine control is provided by a dual channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), which reduces F J44 pilot workload by using redundant computers to optimize engine performance at all flight conditions, while monitoring engine parameters to prevent exceedances that could damage the engine. As this engine spurred growth in light jets, the product line expanded to the current four models, improving performance and durability with each new model. More than 5,700 FJ44 engines are in service, and have accumulated over 13 million hours in flight. This FJ33/FJ44 engine family enables airplane makers to grow their airplane families economically due to common installation, operation, and maintenance across models. AMMO POWER FJ33-5A Weight: SHIELDS DOWN UNIT 28 319 lbs / 145 kg Thrust: 1,850 lbf / 8.23 kn FJ44-1AP Weight: 468 lbs / 212 kg Thrust: 2,100 lbf / 9.34 kn SHIELDS FJ44-3AP Weight: 516100% kg Thrust: 3,000 lbf / 13.34 kn lbs / 234 FJ44-4A Weight: lbs / 303 WEAPONS 670 50% kg Thrust: 3,600 lbf / 16.01 kn ational Customer Service FJ33/FJ44 engines are backed by the best customer service in the industry – over the past 21 years Williams customer service has outscored all competitors in surveys of owner-operators, scoring 5% higher than the closest competitor. Williams’ engine maintenance plan – called Total Assurance Program (TAP Blue) – offers coverage no competitors can match – even including repair of foreign object damage (FOD) and incorporation of all service bulletins. Info: www.williams-int.com Product Support: WIProductSupport@williams-int.com Sales: DTribbey@williams-

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