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The complete machining magazine SUCCESS STORY | Founded on tradition at Auma Drives INNOVATION | Outlook for the Technology Meeting 2024 ALL EYES ON | Automation with articulated robots The flexible MILLTURN An overview of the entire Flanx range with a focus on the new Flanx-Measure.

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Our history of "Linz over the years" moves into the next era – Linz in the Early Modern period . When we think about the Middle Ages, most of us have the same image in our heads of what life would have been like at that time. But what about the Early Modern period? During this time, Linz prospered as an important centre of trade with the establishment of Austria's first textile factory and other buildings that are well maintained and used to this day. One such building is the Pöstlingbergkirche, a Roman Catholic parish and pilgrimage church, which is shown here. Read more about these...

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Dear customers and readers, We hope you have had a good and successful start to the new year and a peaceful end to 2023. We are looking forward to an exciting year, with a continued focus on the consistent further development of technology and the development of innovative solutions for our customers. Technology Meeting: The first quarter of 2024 will be the focus of our machine and technology highlights at the WFL Technology Meeting. A perpetual and increasingly important topic is automation. This can be a major advantage for our customers, not only in the context of the shortage of...

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WFL Technology Meeting Highlights MARCH 5TH to 7TH, 2024 „TURN IDEAS INTO REALITY“ • Optional individual tool carrier with B-axis • Further nominal center distances available Workpiece Material: 42CrMo4 Length: 150mm Ø: 300mm Clamping(s): 1 Industry: Aerospace • robCELL - automation with use of articulated robots • Automatic jaw change Workpiece Material: 42CrMo4 Length: 560mm Ø: 120mm FRAI Robotic Technologies An interview with CEO Franz Plasonig Complete machining of chuck parts USER REPORT: AUMA DRIVES Founded on tradition For six decades, AUMA has been developing and manufacturing...

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WFL is the world‘s leading supplier in the field of complete machining. In order to live up to this role, we are always in pursuit of innovations, improvements and increases in efficiency. All this requires change, reflection and forwardthinking. Three of our employees give us an insight into the changes they have experienced during their many years of employment at WFL. They describe their day-to-day work then and now and tell us their biggest highlights. „I started at WFL in 1996 as a Purchasing apprentice, later taking maternity leave and since then working as a general Purchasing...

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Back to the future With FRAI Robotic Technologies Franz Plasonig, CEO W »Camera technology with AI-based systems. We want to make this our focus.« e live in a time when computers and robots are part of everyday life. A time that is advancing faster than we can run. Many interesting and major inventions are finding their way into industry, but also the commercial sector. Take, for instance, children's toys, which are already voice-controlled and can independently move in various directions. Concepts that start small develop into major industrial projects. Complex and ever-growing innovations...

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Collaboration between FRAI and WFL brings nothing but benefits to customers. »There is a shortage of employees in all industries. This is why all roads lead to automation.« From our point of view, it works extremely well and the interfaces between the companies are becoming better and better. A major advantage for customers is that when they buy a turnkey solution from us, the process has already been tried and tested in Linz under real conditions. Examples of this include chip removal by means of additional flushing processes, drainage in the machine, collecting cooling lubricant in the...

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teries or replenish your energy? For me, it's important to remain calm in any situation, and to analyse the situation before proceeding to deal with it. Panicking often results in errors, which must be kept to a minimum. Family has top priority for me. My family gives me strength in every life situation and I am firmly convinced that, with a strong family unit, you can move mountains. I also enjoy cooking to unwind. I cook with love and it really helps me shed the stresses of the working day. To what extent does your job require "nerves of steel"? There are always situations in which you...

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Complete machining of chuck parts by WFL MILLTURN Technologies When it comes to the machining of chuck parts, most production specialists immediately think of vertical machining. It's true that the vertical machining of chuck parts, particularly ring- and disc-shaped parts, offers a few advantages. Above all, the convenient loading and unloading of workpieces. Chip removal in vertical machining is often problematic, however, whereby chips and cooling lubricant often remain in the workpiece and disrupt the machining process. This is where horizontal machining creates considerably better...

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USER REPORT: AUMA DRIVES Lead time reduced by 50% OUR TRADITION IS OUR FOUNDATION For 60 years, AUMA has been developing and manufacturing electrical actuators and valve gear units and is now one of the world's leading manufacturers in the industry. AUMA Drives is an internationally renowned system provider of customised gear unit and drive solutions. For decades, AUMA Drives has been producing gear units of the highest quality. The use of state-of-the-art equipment is essential. Production in Coswig received reinforcement in December 2022 in the form of a WFL MILLTURN machine. UMA Riester...

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logistics. Disposal is another important factor that is increasingly on customers' minds (material decomposition, shredders, etc.). "We are really proud to be able to say that we cover all aspects of this. We are also supported in this area by our management system. We are certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard," says Kost. Extensive range of products Development, metal cutting, installation, testing and quality management are all carried out at AUMA's Coswig site. "When it comes to gear unit hardware, we are essentially the development centre for the...

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