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VideoProbes for Remote Visual Inspection. Superior imaging in a powerful, portable, easy-to-use device.

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Put the power of Remote Visual Inspection to work for you. Waygate Technologies' VideoProbes offer superior image quality for a wide range of industries and budgets. Visual inspections are crucial to reduce the risk of harmful equipment failures and improve uptime. A portable video borescope is an invaluable tool because it lets you perform these inspections quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. How do you choose the right portable video borescope? Our industrial partners tell us again and again that image quality is their clear number one priority. Better image quality enables you to see...

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Enhance inspection productivity in your industry. We design VideoProbes to meet the evolving needs, and exceed the expectations, of the industries where inspections are most critical for safety and productivity. Aerospace Durable enough for the aerospace industry’s frequent inspections. Versatile and portable enough to be used for a wide variety of applications. Power Generation From gas turbines to wind turbine gearboxes, our VideoProbes offer excellent portability for inspections in tight quarters and difficult-to-access areas. Rugged enough to hold up to frequent use in hot or cold...

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Top-of-the-Line VideoProbes Everest Mentor Visual IQ with TrueSight™ Imaging Leading the way with the most precise detection, faster. Cutting-edge HD Image Quality With TrueSight™ imaging, the Everest Mentor Visual iQ delivers HD visuals, a high-intensity light source, and superior visual processing, for clearer, sharper videos and still images right on your device. Measure from increased distances, too — increasing potential measurable surface area and probability of detection. Advanced Detection & Analysis With HD-enabled digital zoom, you can hone in on even the tiniest indications...

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Mid-Range VideoProbes Everest Mentor Flex This new VideoProbe delivers confidence without compromise. Visible confidence Innovative 5.8” LCD Display on the Everest Mentor Flex The Everest Mentor Flex delivers cutting-edge TrueSight™ image clarity on a 5.8” Wide XGA (WXGA) LCD display for more accurate assessments and increased probability of detection (POD). Combined with Dark Boost, Color Saturation, and Distortion Correction, you can expect high-quality, detailed images — showcasing indications that were previously undetectable. Precise Articulation Enable more thorough inspection...

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Mid-Range VideoProbes XL Detect+ and XL Detect Performance meets value in this utility VideoProbe. Intuitive Menu Directed Inspection We’ve equipped XL Detect+ and XL Detect with Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 1.1, an intuitive application to guide users through the inspection process to automatically tag images and organize results for simplified reporting. With 4GB of internal memory, XL Detect+ and XL Detect allow you to store up to 5 MDI 1.1 templates. Sturdy Design That’s Easy to Take Anywhere You can rely on the rugged, durable build of XL Detect+ and XL Detect, even in the toughest...

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Peace of mind starts here. Waygate Technologies is the world market leader in premium non-destructive testing solutions for various major industries. Some of the world’s biggest industrial manufacturers rely on Waygate Technologies’ offerings to scrutinize their products to ensure their integrity before they go to market. Right for your team. Find contact information specific to your global location at waygate-tech.com. Copyright 2021 Baker Hughes Company. All rights reserved. BHCS39127

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