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Phoenix V|tome|x C450 Industrial 450kV CT scanning, faster than ever.

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Bring 3D CT inspection right to the factory floor. As manufacturing becomes more digital and automation becomes the norm, it’s more important than ever to inspect with both precision and efficiency. We are revolutionizing 3D inspection for non-destructive testing (NDT) and dimensional control to make these goals a reality. By adapting CT technology for industrial needs and combining it with powerful X-ray technology, robotic manipulators, automated software, and exclusive CT technologies, we have created a family of industrial CT products that reduce overall inspection times from hours to...

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Increase throughputs to improve efficiency. The Phoenix V|tome|x C450 offers industry-leading sample size, flexibility, and maximum penetration power for high-absorbing samples at 450KV. It delivers extremely high quality cone beam minifocusCT with the lowest possible scatter artifact level. With new automation functionality, you can minimize operator time and influence, while highly increasing the repeatability and reproducibility of CT results. And with easy loading tools and automation features, it’s easier than ever to use. 1. Scatter|correct technology Get unprecedented low artifact...

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Premium performance for a range of applications. CT system specially designed for high throughput Industrial non-destructive (NDT) 3D failure analysis NDT and quality assurance labs, allowing both With X-ray CT for 3D NDT tasks likehead CT scan of a cylinder internal The Phoenix V|tome|x C450 is a compact 450 kV combined semi-automated NDT and 3D metrology. With its granite based manipulation and specific 3D metrology package, the phoenix v|tome|x c includes all essential features for CT measurements with a measurement accuracy of (20+L/100)µm*. In HS configuration** this low-maintenance,...

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Scan up to 100 times faster The Phoenix V|tome|x C450 is the first industrial minifocusCT scanner with the patented breakthrough Scatter|correct technology. This option automatically removes scatter artifacts from the CT volume, allowing you to gain significantly improved CT results compared to conventional cone beam CT. It delivers a low scatter artifact CT quality level never before reached, at a speed faster than previously possible. With the V|tome|x C450, you get significant quality improvements not only for high-scattering materials like steel and aluminum, but also for composites and...

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Automate your entire CT process chain. Drive inspection productivity with a highly automated batch CT system. By automating inspections with the V|tome|x C450, you can increase efficiency by reducing operator time, as well as the risk of human error. This system delivers the highest throughput batch CT possible—scanning up to 25 turbine blades in less than two hours without any operator action. One operator can run several systems parallel instead of just one with less training, which can quadruple productivity and reduce operational costs. One-button|CT One-button|CT functionality enables...

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General specifications Phoenix V|tome|x C Minifocus X-ray tube Focal spot Focus Detector Distance (FDD) Voxelsize range Geometrical magnification (3D) Spatial CT resolution 2.5 lp/mm at 130 µm voxel resolution referring to ASTM E 1695 Detail detectability Measurement accuracy Down to ~100 µm 20+L/100 µm referring to VDI 2630-1.3 guideline* Fan beam CT line detector array (LDA) LDA detector package “fan”: 16 bit Linear Detector Array 820 mm sensitive width, 2050 pixels, 400 µm pitch. Linear subpixel-shift axis for resolution improvement and quality enhancement** Cone beam CT DXR flat panel...

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A partnership for improved performance. The high-throughput production control optimized Phoenix V|tome|x C450 is just one example of how we are revolutionizing digital inspection to make manufacturing processes more efficient. With our entire CT product family, a variety of optional innovations, and expert service, we are committed to enhancing precision, automation, and productivity for your operations. Waygate Technologies USA, LP 11988 Tramway Dr Cincinnati, OH 45241 USA Tel.: 1 844 991 0474 For more detailed information or to request a demo, please visit our website or contact us....

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