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Phoenix Speed|scan CT64 Fully Automated high-speed Computed Tomography for production process control and optimization Fast industrial atline and inlineCT

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Speed|scan CT 64 - 2

Key features & benefits • Productivity and quality gain due to quantitative 3D automated defect recognition and dimensional control • Cost savings due to faster product ramp up times and minimized rejects • Optional Robot-handled mixed part inspection • Scan speed down to 15 sec. for a cylinder head allows several hundred times faster 3D inspection compared to conventional industrial fan beam CT • Max. sample size ~600 mm diameter x 900 mm length (23.6” x 35.4”); • Max. scan diameter

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Speed|scan CT 64 - 3

Gantry based industrial CT technology With our industrial Phoenix Speed|scan CT64 system, proven medical gantry based CT technology is available for revolutionary high-speed atline or inline process control in industry. The sample is being transported through the tomograph and even cylinder heads can be scanned within down to 15 seconds. This is about 4x faster than the first Speed|scan generation and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan beam CT. While the next part is loaded, the reconstructed CT data is automatically evaluated. By fast scanning of dozens of parts,...

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Speed|scan CT 64 - 4

3D evaluation parallel to the scanning process Three-dimensional analysis and process monitoring using volumetric data offer several advantages compared with conventional radioscopic 2D inspection. Depending on the sample size and X-ray penetration length, an immediate response to processing parameters may directly lead to increased productivity: • Reducing the reject rate by analyzing the 3D position, form and size of the defects taking into account the subsequent processes the products must undergo • Depending on their size and absorption behavior, foreign materials like inclusions or...

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Speed|scan CT 64 - 5

3D automated defect recognition (3D Speed|ADR) Leading Volume Graphics industrial batch CT software exclusively combined with the powerful Speed|ADR algorithms providing highly precise quantitative 3D information for industrial mass production process control and optimization. • Production oriented workflow approach optimized for throughput and part diversity • Proprietary speed optimized 3D volume analysis and defect detection • Customizable user interface and visualization including 3D defect result table Automated industrial CT mass inspection and metrology tasks with 3D Speed|ADR....

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Speed|scan CT 64 - 6

- a new workflow concept for up to 100% 3D production process control Fully automated loading Continuous CT helix scan Volume reconstruction and optimization Automatic 3D defect recognition Good / fail decision

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Speed|scan CT 64 - 7

General specifications Phoenix Speed|scan CT 64 Inspection Concept From manual loading & operator based inspection up to robot based fully automated inspection with automated 3D failure detection speed|ADR and 3D dimensional control for statistical process control Penetration length Allowing inspection of Al gear cases and engine blocks depending on part geometry Min. detectable defect size ≥ 0.5 mm³, depending on part size Detail detectability Sample weight Fast automated CAD nominal/actual analysis and measurement tasks for process control Scan / reconstruction / cycle speed 10,62  -...

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Speed|scan CT 64 - 8

By making the invisible visible, we ensure safety, quality and productivity. Our innovative Phoenix CT solutions are designed to increase throughputs without compromising quality. From producing higher resolution scans at higher speeds with our precision line, to bringing inspection to the production floor with our production line, we are committed to helping your operation become more efficient than ever before. Waygate Technologies - formerly GE Inspection Technologies - has been awarded by Frost & Sullivan in its latest industrial CT research studies 2016 as Industrial Technology Leader...

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