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Phoenix X|cube radiography system series - 1

Phoenix X|cube series Versatile 2D and 3D X-ray system built for speed.

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Phoenix X|cube radiography system series - 2

Key features & benefits. • Flexible and reliable solution to safely improve efficiency (uptime, costs, productivity, quality) across operations for all industries (Aerospace, Automotive, etc.) within different process steps of production, incoming inspection, to failure analysis, research and development • Optimized for a wide variety of parts and highest speed for 2D inspections and with option to use 3D inspection (CT) • High throughputs for unrivaled image quality complies with industry standards like ASTM and DICONDE • Simple loading with extractable parts manipulator for parts weighing...

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Phoenix X|cube radiography system series - 3

Inspect a wider range at a higher speed. Both the Phoenix X|cube Compact and the Phoenix X|cube XL ensure fast, easy and effective non-destructive testing (NDT) that will take your inspections to the next level. With a new easy-to-use design, highly dynamic detectors that display the finest contrast images and optional 3D Computed Tomography capabilities, you can detect hidden defects early-on and make important production decisions faster than ever. Applications • Light metal castings • Plastics / composites • Special alloys • Ceramics • Steel components • Additive manufactu

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Phoenix X|cube radiography system series - 4

Determine the shape, position and size of defects in 3D. The X|cube system extends beyond 2D X-ray inspection with a full computed tomography (CT) option. CT enables this versatile system to perform 3D analysis and process control with volume data from virtual, non-destructive slicing of parts in instances when traditional 2D radioscopy is unable to provide clear results. Key features & benefits • Easy to set up and use • Allowing you to improve detection and classification • Feature detailed 3D inspections, e.g. quantitative porosity analysis, measure internal wall thickness • Reduce...

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Phoenix X|cube radiography system series - 5

Reliable Inspection starts here. Faster, easier and more flexible. FAST Keep up with growing demands while still achieving the highest result quality with fast set-up, short cycle times, reliable inspection tools like optimized Flash!Filters™, as well as optional semi-automatic defect recognition (ADR) and ASTM tools. EASY Reduce human error and influence, while increasing repeatability and reproducibility by set up inspection routines within seconds with teach and learn function.. With easy teach and learn inspection routines, part-specific inspection routines for 2D radioscopy and 3D CT...

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Phoenix X|cube radiography system series - 6

Flexible solution for emerging needs and quality standards. The world of manufacturing is evolving faster than ever. To keep up with shifting inspection guidelines, users need flexible solutions. With software and hardware upgrades you are prepared for growing demands. Flash!FiltersTM optimized Conventional radiography See more with Flash!Filters™ Semi-ADR feature The X|cube utilizes our groundbreaking Flash!Filter™ Ensure compliance with international NDE standards technology that gives you incomparable inspection Meet even the most stringent industry results optimized for human eyes. This...

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Phoenix X|cube radiography system series - 7

General specifications Phoenix X|cube Compact Energy (max.) Max. loading part height Max. sample size (Ø x height in mm) Cabinet weight approx. Control panel weight approx. Manipulation Travel Max. horizontal motion across the X-ray beam Max. external loading/ unloading position Max. horizontal motion magnification axis Focus detector distance (FDD), depends on detector type Max. vertical motion Max. tilt of the C arm Integrated image optimization system VISTAPLUS supports live image display and real-time capabilities with dedicated detectors System control X|touch panel operation allows...

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Phoenix X|cube radiography system series - 8

A partnership for improved performance. The Phoenix X|cube series is just one example of how Waygate Technologies is revolutionizing digital inspection to make manufacturing processes more efficient. With our entire X-ray and CT product family, a variety of optional innovations, and expert service, we are committed to enhancing precision, automation and productivity for your operations. Waygate Technologies USA, LP 11988 Tramway Dr Cincinnati, OH 45241 USA Tel.: 1 844 991 0474 For more detailed information or to request a demo, please visit our website or contact us. Copyright 2020 Baker...

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