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Your entry level high quality Electronics X-ray inspection solution Phoenix X|aminer

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Phoenix X|aminer High quality 160kV microfocus X-ray inspection system with optional 3D CT The Phoenix X|aminer X-ray inspection system, combines high-resolution 2D X-ray technology and 3D CT in one, is designed for the special needs of the high-resolution inspection of electronic assemblies, components and PCBAs. The Phoenix X|aminer is equipped with an unlimited lifetime 160kV/20 W microfocus X-ray tube. Due to the high energy and power of the X-ray tube the system is an effective and reliable solution for electronic applications including power electronics. The Phoenix X|act technology...

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High quality X-ray inspection to ensure product reliability The reliability of electronic assemblies strongly depends on solder joint quality. All dimensions and features of the solder joint are imaged: diameter, thickness (grey value), lands and contact areas (darker and brighter circles), voids (bright spots). All defects that have any influence on the solder joints shape are detectable. In addition to the visible surface the X-ray image reveals hidden features of the interconnection, which are most important for the reliability of solder joints. Waygate Technologies new brilliant...

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OVHM-Technology  - oblique views at highest magnification Conventional tilt techniques generate oblique views by simply tilting the sample, which involves moving the region of interest away from the X-ray tube resulting in a decrease in magnification. The OVHM|module was specifically designed to enable oblique views of up to 70 degrees and 0 to 360 degree rotations at highest magnification. X-ray tube Unlike with conventional systems, the X-ray tube is located above the sample tray allowing the user to move the sample as close to the tube head as needed. Only this guarantees highest...

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Flash!TM Electronics – Intelligent image processing for electronics Combining 25+ years of experience and patents with next-generation technology, Flash!TM Electronics automatically optimizes digital radiography of electronics quickly and consistently. It delivers exceptional image quality and comfortable reading with a faster, smoother workflow enhancing productivity. • Excellent, consistent image quality optmized for electronics applications • Rendering of all relevant image data, optimized for the human eye • Robust image processing and operator independent • Easy to learn and use,...

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Technical specifications and configurations Phoenix X|aminer X-ray detector Option 1: Waygate Technologies 1536 x 1536 pixel CsI detector DXR S85, Superior 85 µm pixel resolution Option 2: High contrast 1536 x 864 pixel CMOS detector, 75 µm pixel resolution Geometric magnification Total magnification Detail detectability X-ray tube type Low maintenance open microfocus tube, transmission head, 170° cone angle, collimated. Target tungsten on non-toxic s upport, rotatable for multiple use. Turbo-molecular and oil-free roughing vacuum pump Max. tube voltage / power at target tungsten hairpin,...

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Technical specifications and configurations (cont.) Phoenix X|aminer Image processing software Phoenix X|act base: comprehensive X-ray inspection software comprising image enhancement functions, measuring functions and CNC inspection macro programming for semi-automatic inspection BGA|module (standard): intuitive automatic BGA solder-joint evaluation incl. automatic wetting analysis VC|module (standard): intuitive automatic voiding calculation software package incl. capability of multiple die attach void evaluation. Manual inspection even of unregulary shaped area solderings. C4|module:...

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Phoenix X|aminer - Your Advantages • Extremely high defect coverage to assure highest quality requirements at easiest usage • Fast and easy sample handling • Automation capabilities • No tube exchange necessary because of unlimited lifetime of the X-ray tube • Best detail detectability down to 0.5 µm • Optional Flash!TM Electronics image optimization technology for best electronics inspection • Large 27’’ monitor for better defect identification • OPC-UA interface for improved efficiency and minimized downtime Proprietary BGA ADR for fast voiding detecting Waygate Technologies exclusive...

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