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Phoenix V|tome|x M microfocus CT Uniting premium 3D metrology and inspection with quality and speed. Phoenix V|tome|x M Dual|tube (+180 kV nanoCT®)

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Inspect with precision, power, and productivity. As manufacturing becomes more complex and automation becomes the norm, it’s more important than ever to inspect with both precision and efficiency. Waygate Technologies is revolutionizing 3D inspection for non-destructive testing (NDT) and dimensional control to make these goals a reality. By adapting CT technology for industrial needs and combining it with powerful X-ray technology, robotic manipulators, automated software, and proprietary CT technologies, we have created a family of high-precision CT products that reduce overall inspection...

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Reduce scanning time without compromising quality. The Phoenix V|tome|x M is the first microCT system to harness the breakthrough Scatter|correct technology, Dynamic 41 digital detector, and High-flux|target—enabling high image quality as it scans much faster, or with improved accuracy, and truly revolutionizing inspection. We offer several configurations and optional tools to help you achieve your production throughput goals with extreme accuracy. With new additions like the Ruby|plate and True|position for improved measurement, workflows, and precision, as well as Helix|CT and multi beam...

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Phoenix V|tome|x M300 Premium CT Scanner - 4

Meet your specific microCT needs. Whether you need to increase speed, detection detail, or do both, the Phoenix V|tome|x M can be formatted for any 3D industrial or scientific microCT task. The first CT system worldwide, this versatile high-resolution scanner works with a variety of optional features like Scatter|correct to meet your high-quality inspection needs with up to two times faster inspections or scanning volume with up to 300kV/500W—all to help you make the most out of your inspections. Industrial 3D NDT Beyond high-resolution 3D analysis in R&D and failure analysis labs, this...

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Phoenix V|tome|x M300 Premium CT Scanner - 5

Metrology 2.0 Reproducible precision 3D metrology with CT • Reverse engineering / tool compensation (5.5 + L/100 mm) µm at any other z and y position between both VDI 2630 positions (3.8 + L/100 mm) µm at any position after applying the easy|calib tool Improve measurement methodology and accuracy. Improved measurement accuracy with True|position Dimensional measurements / wall thickness analysis 3D CT offers big advantages over conventional tactile or optical coordinate measuring machines (CMM) — especially if there are complex parts with hidden or difficult surfaces. New True|position and...

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Automate your entire CT process chain. From loading, to scanning, to analysis, your entire inspection and measurement process can now be automated to increase efficiency and reproducibility. Fully automated robot loading With the optional Production|edition configuration, you can fully automate your inspection. With a collaborative robot for automated sample loading, one operator can run several systems at once with less training. So you can quadruple operator productivity and save operational costs with high reproducibility, long-term stability, and high inspection throughput. 24/7...

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Phoenix V|tome|x M300 Premium CT Scanner - 7

General specifications Phoenix V|tome|x M X-ray tube type Open directional high-power microfocus X-ray tube, closed cooling water circuit. Optional additional (open) transmission high-power nanofocus X-ray tube 300 kV / 500 W. Alternatively available with 240 kV / 320 W microfocus X-ray tube Dual|tube option for nanoCT®: additional 180 kV / 15 W high-power nanofocus tube with Diamond|window, precision rotation unit with air bearings, easy tube exchange just by a push of a button 1.3 x to 100 x; up to 200 x with nanofocus tube Detail detectability Down to < 1 µm (microfocus tube); optional...

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Phoenix V|tome|x M300 Premium CT Scanner - 8

A partnership for improved performance. The premium CT performance of the Phoenix V|tome|x M is just one example of how Waygate Technologies is revolutionizing CT inspection to make manufacturing processes more efficient. With our entire precision CT line, a variety of optional innovations, and expert service, we are committed to enhancing precision, automation, and productivity for your operations through our global service network. Waygate Technologies USA, LP 11988 Tramway Dr Cincinnati, OH 45241 USA Tel.: 1 844 991 0474 For more detailed information or to request a demo, please visit...

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