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High-speed microCT inspection solution Speed|scan HD handles large production batches, with up to 100% inline inspection

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Scan around the clock Because your complex production lines must safely and consistently turn out high-quality parts and products, Waygate Technologies offers the Speed|scan HD—a fully automated high-speed inline Computed Tomography (CT) system for production process control and optimization. Based on more than 20 years of industry-proven technology, the Speed|scan HD system supports large sample size inspections for up to 100% of production volume, helping you to reach your zero-defect goals. The system is designed to allow full 3D production control across a variety of electronic,...

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Phoenix Speed|scan HD inlineCT Scanner - 4

Rugged microfocus X-ray tube dedicated for production environment Proprietary, open, directional, high-power 240 kV/100 W microfocus X-ray tube specifically designed to deliver exceptional reliability and reproducibility on the manufacturing floor in 24/7 operation (Inline|edition). Dense material penetration Detail detectability down to 20 µm or even down to 10 µm Liquid cooled for high reliability Unlimited lifetime due to open tube design: All major components like filament and target can be exchanged by the operator Automated filter|changer Part mix scanning just got easier. With...

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Phoenix Speed|scan HD inlineCT Scanner - 5

AI-based automated defect recognition (ADR) Proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms deliver exceptional ADR across various flaws for e.g. battery anode overhang analysis or typical casting defects. Our AI-based ADR yields greater accuracy and enhanced ease of use compared to conventional ADR approaches, eliminating the need for expert parameterization skills. Any authorized operator can parametrize the samples to be scanned, and the algorithms get more accurate over time. Highly accurate issue detection (e.g. overhang) Dual manipulator Unique manipulation system uses two...

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Phoenix Speed|scan HD inlineCT Scanner - 6

InlineCT with Phoenix Speed|scan HD allows a wide range of 3D evaluations: Internal defect analysis 3D quantitative porosity analysis Assembly control Materials structure analysis Automated Defect Recognition (ADR)

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Phoenix Speed|scan HD inlineCT Scanner - 7

Proprietary, rugged microfocus X-ray tube (Inline|edition, 240 kV/100 W) designed for production environment Proprietary Dynamic 41|100 and Dynamic 41|200p+ X-ray detector for long-term stability Two-stage manipulation system for reduced cycle times Safety gates for continuous x-ray on Artificial Intelligence optimized automated defect recognition for evaluation without human interaction Automated Filter|changer for high production flexibility Remote monitoring and diagnostics (RM&D) for increased system availability Unique features and benefits High-speed and high-volume inspection...

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Technical specifications and configurations Phoenix Speed|scan HD Xray tube type Open directional high-power microfocus X-ray tube with closed cooling water circuit Maximum voltage/power Best detail detectability 20 µm, even 10 µm with optional Dynamic 41|100 detector Best Voxel size 25 µm, even 12.5 µm with optional Dynamic 41|100 detector Detector type Temperature stabilized Dynamic 41|200p+ large area detector with superior image and result quality, 410 x 410 mm (16” x 16”), 200 µm pixel size, 2036 x 2036 pixels (4 MP), extremely high dynamic range > 10000:1 Focus detector distance...

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