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Phoenix Nanotom M nanoCT scanner - 1

Phoenix Nanotom M 180 kV / 20 W X-ray nanoCT® system for high-resolution analysis and 3D metrology

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Phoenix Nanotom M nanoCT scanner - 2

Phoenix Nanotom M - versatile 3D CT system High-resolution computed tomography (CT) has become a powerful inspection tool for a wide range of industrial and scientific inspection and metrology applications such as non-destructive structure and failure analysis as well as for quality assurance or production control. With its 180 kV/20 W ultra high performance nanofocus X-ray tube, precision mechanics and advanced software modules, the Phoenix Nanotom M is the inspection solution for a wide range of 3D CT applications. Once scanned, the fully three dimensional CT information allows many...

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Phoenix Nanotom M nanoCT scanner - 3

nanoCT® – close to synchrotron CT With its special design, the Nanotom M provides focal spot What makes the difference between sizes in the submicron range. Smaller focal spots ensure very micro- and nanofocus tubes? little geometric unsharpness and therefore improved image resolution. And due to its high dynamic range detector the system offers long-term stable and optimized image quality. In pursuit of high-resolution images, the potential, convenience and economy of nanoCT can compete in many application fields with limited available synchrotron facilities, e.g.: microfocus system...

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Phoenix Nanotom M nanoCT scanner - 4

3D metrology with high-resolution CT Especially if complex parts with hidden or difficult accessible surfaces have to be measured, CT offers big advantages in comparison with coventional tactile or optical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). With its optimized 3D measurement package, the Phoenix Nanotom M includes all essential features for CT with extremely high accuracy and reproducibility: • Temperature stabilized cabinet • High accuracy direct measuring system • Vibration insulation of the manipulator • Temperature stabilized DXR detector for brilliant image quality • 2 calibration...

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Phoenix Nanotom M nanoCT scanner - 5

Phoenix Datos|x advanced CT software Fully automated data acquisition and volume processing With Datos|x, the entire CT process chain can be fully automated. This minimizes operator time and influence, while highly increasing the repeatability and reproducibility of CT results. Once the appropriate setup is programmed, the whole scan and reconstruction process incl. volume optimization features (e.g. automatic beam hardening correction) or surface extraction can be fully automated. Furthermore, 3D failure analysis or metrology tasks like generation of first article inspection reports can be...

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Phoenix Nanotom M nanoCT scanner - 6

Phoenix Nanotom M - Your Advantages • Extremely high image quality due to unique temperature stabilized DXR detector (3,072 x 2,400 pixels) with a high dynamic range > 10,000 : 1 • New open 180 kV / 20 W high-power nanofocus X-ray tube with down to 200 nm detail detectability, optimized for long-term stability • High spatial and contrast resolution on a wide sample range - from small material to medium sized plastic samples covering 3 orders of magnitude (0.25 mm to 250 mm sample size) • Optimized 3D metrology package for stable acquisition conditions, fast reconstruction within minutes and...

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Phoenix Nanotom M nanoCT scanner - 7

General specifications Phoenix Nanotom M X-ray tube type Proprietary open high-power nanofocus X-ray tube, optimized for long-term stability Internal X-ray tube cooling Max. voltage / power Target 180 kV / 20 W Tungsten on CVD diamond for up to 2 times faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level Transmission target type, rotatable for multiple use (other target materials, e.g. molybdenum on request) Filament Geom. magnification (3D) Tungsten hairpin, pre-adjusted plug-in cartridges for fast and easy exchange 1.5 x - 300 x Detail detectability Detector type...

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Phoenix Nanotom M nanoCT scanner - 8

By making the invisible visible, we ensure safety, quality and productivity. Our innovative Phoenix CT solutions are designed to increase throughputs without compromising quality. From producing higher resolution scans at higher speeds with our precision line, to bringing inspection to the production floor with our production line, we are committed to helping your research and operation become more efficient than ever before. 3D nanoCT® evaluation of artificial bone (ceramics matrix with aluminium coating) Waygate Technologies USA, LP 11988 Tramway Dr Cincinnati, OH 45241 USA Tel.: 1 844...

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