Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo


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Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - 1

High performance X-ray inspection solution with non-destructive planarCT board inspection Microme|x neo 160 Microme|x neo 180 Nanome|x neo 180

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Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - 3

phoenix Microme|x neo and Nanome|x neo High resolution 160/180 kV micro- / nanofocus X-ray inspection systems with 3D CT option The phoenix MicromeIx neo and NanomeIx neo series combines high-resolution 2D X-ray technology and 3D CT in one system. Innovative and unique features and an extreme high positioning accuracy make both systems the effective and reliable solution for a wide spectrum of 2D and 3D offline inspection tasks: R&D, failure analysis, process and quality control. The Phoenix|x-ray X|act technology offers easy to program CAD based µAXI ensuring automated inspection in the...

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Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - 4

Waygate Technologies Brilliant DXR-HD detector fleet Newest large-size DXR S100 Pro detector in combination with superior pixel resolution defines industry-leading imaging technology: FLASH!TM filtered voids in an open µBGA ball: 1,970x geometric zoom for extreme high magnification Exclusive high dynamic DXR250RT detector with enhanced scintillator technology introduces a new industry standard for efficient live inspection: Provides superior 100 um pixel resolution and frame rates up to 30 frames per second which combines outstanding detectability with high efficiency 300 mm x 250 mm large...

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Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - 5

High-resolution 3D computed tomography For advanced inspection and 3D analysis of smaller samples, Phoenix|x-ray’s proprietary 3D CT technology is optionally available. 180 kV high power X-ray technology, fast image acquisition with DXR detector and Diamond|window combined with Phoenix|x-ray’s fast reconstruction software deliver high quality inspection results Maximum voxel resolution down to 2 microns; the nanoCT® capability of the Nanome|x allows even a higher image sharpness nanoCT® of TSVs in an electronic package. The voids in the copper filling are clearly visible. Virtual board...

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Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - 6

X|act – CAD based inspection: high resolution µAXI for extremely high defect coverage As a solution for µAXI with extremely high defect coverage, Phoenix|x-ray provides its high precision systems Microme|x neo and Nanome|x neo including the unique X|act software package for fast and easy offline CAD programming. Its intuitive new GUI with improved outstanding precision and repeatability, small views with resolutions of only a few micrometers, 360° rotation and oblique viewing up to 70° ensures meeting highest quality standards – even for inspection of components with a pitch of just 100...

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Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - 7

Your advantages Phoenix Microme|x and Nanome|x neo Brilliant live inspection images due to high dynamic Waygate DXR digital detector array Unique high power 180 kV / 20 W micro- or nanofocus tube for even high absorbing electronic samples Minimized setup time due to highly efficient automated CAD programming Live overlay of CAD and inspection results even in rotated oblique inspection views Extremely high defect coverage and repeatability Best detail detectability 0.5 µm or even 0.2 µm with nanofocus Optional FLASH!TM image optimization technology Large 27” monitor for better defect...

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Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - 8

Technical specifications and configurations Nanome|x neo 180 Option 1: Waygate Technologies high dynamic 200 µm pixel resolution detector DXR250RT Option 2: Waygate Technologies large size 100 µm pixel resolution detector DXR S100 Pro X-ray detector Geometric magnification Microme|x neo 160 Option 1: Waygate Technologies Superior 85 µm pixel resolution detector DXR S85 Option 2: Superior 75 µm pixel resolution CMOS detector Total magnification 27” 2K monitor Detail detectability Low maintenance open nanofocus tube with unlimited lifetime, transmission type, 170° cone angle, collimated Low...

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