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Mentor Visual iQ* borescope adapter Remote visual inspection Adapt rigid borescopes and flexible fiberscopes to the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe* Combine optical clarity, durability and high-temperature operation of a rigid borescope with the image capture and data management capabilities of the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe system. The borescope adapter connects to the handset of the Mentor Visual iQ system as an interchangeable probe, adding versatility to your RVI toolkit. Features • ouples illumination from Mentor Visual iQ system to C the borescope • GA camera captures live video at high resolution V • inimizes cables and connections M • nables all Mentor Visual iQ system data E management features • dapt to all Waygate Technologies rigid borescopes A and fiberscopes. Can also adapt to rigid borescope and fiberscopes from other manufac

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Borescope adapter kit contents (Part no. MV1QABSA) C-mount eyepiece coupler† Part number Focal length Recommended scope Rigid borescope greater than 4.0 mm diameter. All fiberscopes and 2.7 mm diameter rigid borescope. 1.7 mm and 1.9 mm diameter rigid borescopes. Fiberscopes less than 2.0 mm in diameter. • Mentor Visual iQ borescope adapter • Nylon carrying case • Waygate Technologies light post adapter • Quick start guide Technical specifications Sold separately Rigid borescope light post adapter 1/3” COLOR, SUPER HAD CCD® Pixel count: Camera coupling: mm, 35 mm and 45 mm 28 C-Mount...

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