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Mentor Visual iQ with TrueSight™ Inspect in high definition.

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Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™ - 3

The most precise detection. Faster. Meet the first HD 3D measurement-enabled video borescope. Today, visual inspections are more crucial than ever to reduce the risk of serious equipment failures and improve uptime. Because the more you know about your assets, the better your chances of detecting potential issues before they impact productivity. Waygate Technologies Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe™ provides superior accuracy for even the toughest inspections, with the highest Probability of Detection (POD) for indications such as pitting, cracking, and corrosion. As the industry’s first...

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Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™ - 4

Leading the way with advanced digital inspection. Cutting-edge HD image quality With TrueSight™, Mentor Visual iQ delivers HD visuals, a high-intensity light source, and superior visual processing, for clearer, sharper videos and still images right on your device. These images would have otherwise required multiple tip changes and significantly more time. The image quality allows for accurate measurement from increased distances, too—increasing potential measurement surface area, POD, and reducing noise in the fully surfaced Point Cloud. With HD-enabled digital zoom, you can hone in on even...

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Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™ - 5

Performance meets portability Mentor Visual iQ combines the portability you want with the powerful processing you need. Its rugged, ergonomic design ensures it can withstand the toughest inspection environments, while still being lightweight enough for easy storage and mobility. Intuitive innovation This device comes preloaded, so its easy-to-use interface makes sense right out of the box. Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) software, on-device manuals, and context-based inspection support files guide users through the inspection process and organize results for simplified reporting. And with...

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Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™ - 6

More uptime, no matter the industry. Faster, more accurate inspections bring greater value across a variety of industries and use cases. Aerospace • Enhances POD in all engine stages • Significantly reduce Aircraft on Ground (AOG) and inspection time • Improve the shop and flight-line inspection process • Fast and accurate go/no-go’s with Real3D™ surface scanning and analysis • Store Aircraft Maintenance Manager (AMM) workflows, catalog images, and generate reports on demand Oil & Gas • Withstand the toughest field conditions—on a rig, column, or turbine unit • Inspect large areas such as...

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Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™ - 7

Get the most out of your inspection. With these add-ons, you can maximize versatility and productivity, while minimizing total cost of ownership for your Mentor Visual iQ device. Flexibility to work faster Remote collaboration in real time Intuitive product design with QuickChange™ probes, tip optics, and custom user and application profiles help you meet a variety of the toughest inspection challenges. When additional advice or second opinion is needed during an inspection, you need answers fast. Mentor Visual iQ pairs with InspectionWorks Connect software for live video streaming and...

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Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™ - 8

Inspection starts here. Waygate Technologies Mentor Visual iQ delivers unprecedented precision and accuracy for faster, more informed decisions by providing the portability, powerful features, enhanced connectivity, and custom tools and accessories needed to help you succeed in industry today. See how Waygate is revolutionizing the digital inspection landscape. Contact your sales representative for a demonstration. Copyright 2020 Baker Hughes Company. All rights reserved. BHCS33632B (11/2020)

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