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ISOVOLT Mobile 160 Mobile Industrial Radiography Reliable Flexible Handy

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System Components Generator The ISOVOLT Mobile 160 represents the latest generation of ISOVOLT Mobile technology. Its evolution has relied upon continuous assessment of the field performance of the ISOVOLT Mobile range and it incorporates a range o features which offer demonstrable benefit in terms of: The mobile transport cart, with its dimensions designed for narrow paths and passages (door frames), serves as the basis for the extremely flexible X-ray generator that can operate 160 kV insert tubes of various technical specifications. • Can be used in applications that cannot be solved by...

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During aircraft maintenance and servicing, it is often necessary to carry out radiography in very restricted spaces. The quality of images is therefore very much dependent on the inspection arrangement and requires that radiography systems are extremely flexible. With its compact dimensions and flexible high voltage cable, the ISOVOLT Mobile 160 can be aligned easily to suit the inspection task. The unit can also be used in the very tight spaces bounded by struts and skin, as there is just 5.6 cm between the centre of the exit window and the tube. The choice of tubes is also of great...

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Technical Data Delivery Scope Delivery Scope High Voltage Generation 1 High voltage generator 160 kV Tube voltage Tube current range Maximum output power Duty cycle (∂ ambient temperature = 30°C) 1 X-ray tube head (see selection) Installed water cooler WL 2001 1 High voltage cable (10 m, 15 m or 20 m long) Maximum cooling capacity (∂ ambient temperature = 30°C) 1 Protective hose for high voltage cable and water hoses 1 Control Unit ISOVOLT Mobile 1 Water cooling pump WL 2001 1 Transport cart 1 Set of cooling water hoses and accessories Operating Module Exposure time, adjustable to intervals...

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