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Intelligent image processing technology that sets the standard for non-destructive testing

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Down to the last detail In non-destructive testing (NDT), every detail counts: whether you are inspecting a gas pipeline, a critical weld, a jet engine or even a painting by Van Gogh. When it comes to revealing details, Flash! digital radiography image processing sets the standard. Combining 25+ years of experience and patents with next-generation technology, this intelligent software automatically optimizes your digital radiographs quickly and consistently. The balanced presentation of different densities and materials lets you see all the subtle details in one single image, with no manual...

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Next-level imaging Selecting the right imaging hardware has a major impact on image quality – but the software you choose is just as important! Flash! uses innovative, proven and leading image processing technology that offers high image quality. Images are made consistent, regardless of the operator, for easier reading and more confident reviewing. A layered perspective With Flash! you see more, with a clear vision of both high- and low-density areas, in a single image. Intelligent image processing automatically minimizes noise while maximizing details. You can read images quickly, viewing...

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Before Flash! Don’t be a bottleneck! When every second counts, you don’t want inspection to create a bottleneck that slows down operations. With one-click image processing, your nondestructive testing becomes part of a smooth, efficient workflow that makes inspections faster and keeps everybody’s tasks moving forward. “We visited 20 companies and more than 40 level 2/3 reviewers, asking their input on 1,800 images enhanced with the new Flash! With 94%, they clearly indicated their preference for the new version. They were all convinced that having Flash! is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but...

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Flash! forward in your imaging Flash! intelligent image processing has been proven globally; now let us prove it to you. Already, over 1,600 installations around the world rely on Flash! Flash! image processing technology offers you: Excellent, consistent image quality across CR and DR platforms Enhanced productivity and optimized resources Optimal rendering of all relevant imaging data, optimized for the human eye Robust image processing against variations (density, geometry, radiation quality, exposure settings, etc.) Smooth workflow at the operator and reviewer/verification levels High...

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+150,000 inspections/day powered by Flash! 50,000,000,000 calculations per image in one click Power generation 100% consistent image quality calculations per pixel in one click

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Contact your local sales representative for a demo. Discover how Flash! can help to get the best image quality, while enhancing workflow and productivity. Copyright 2020 Baker Hughes Company. All rights reserved.

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