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ERESCO 52 MF4-CL - 1

Portable air-cooled 300 kV panoramic X-ray generator The ERESCO 52 MF4-CL is a very reliable, portable 300 kV industrial X-ray generator also for use outdoors in the field and under challenging environmental conditions. The ERESCO 52 MF4-CL offers a material penetration of up to 52 mm steel with 10 minutes exposure time.* The X-ray tube head consists of a sturdy metal-ceramic X-ray tube and high voltage generator integrated into a rugged compact housing. The air-cooled 300 KV/ 600 W end-grounded X-ray tube is thermally protected for extended life. The high voltage generator generates high-stability constant potential voltage at higher efficiency than conventional line frequency equipment. Additional Features • Rugged construction with proven reliability • Extended operating range from 5 kV to 300 kV enables flexible use • Gas insulated high voltage section reduces size & weight • End-grounded, metal-ceramic X-ray tube • DC voltage operation • Modern power electronics provides high stability • On-board real time clock supports fully automatic warm-up • Large 38° × 360° emergent beam • Optimized air-flow cooling for efficient heat dissipation • 100 % duty cycle at 30° Celsius (86° F) • Built-in fail-safe warning lamp • CE certification according to EMC and Low Voltage Directives • Water / dust resistant in accordance with protection class IP65 • Produced under ISO 9001 certified quality management system Standard Delivery Scope ERESCO generator unit from high voltage generator and X-ray tube or optionally as a system with "ERESCO MF4 Control" control unit The performance of the X-ray tube and the high voltage generator is continuously monitored for protection and operational safety. An on-board real time clock facilitates fully automatic warm-up routines for optimized and timesaving tube conditioning. The flexible connecting cable is heavy-duty and light weight. The ERESCO series can also be controlled by PC or laptop and is compatible with the Waygate Technologies software Rhythm Insight RT. * When the focus-film distance is 700 mm (27.5 "), 52 mm (2.01") Fe penetration and AGFA STRUCTUR

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ERESCO 52 MF4-CL - 2

Technical Data X-ray tube type 300 kV metal-ceramic with Tungsten (W) cone anode Target angle Inherent filtration Emergent beam Focal spot size (EN 12 543) Tube current Current and voltage stability Options • Carrying cradle • Diaphragm / collimator attachments • Laser centering device • Transport and positioning cart • Fail-safe flashing warning lamp • Stands and mounting kits • Aluminium transport box • Crawler Integration Kit Continuous rating Protection class Tube head diameter Operating Temperature Storage Temperature ERESCO 52 MF4-CL Exposure Diagram Rating chart drawings not true to...

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