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ERESCO 42 MF4 - 1

Portable air-cooled 200 kV X-ray generator with 3 mm focal spot The ERESCO 42 MF4 is a very reliable, portable 200 kV industrial X-ray generator also for use outdoors in the field and under challenging environmental conditions. The ERESCO 42 MF4 offers a material penetration of up to 42 mm steel with 10 minutes exposure time.* The X-ray tube head consists of a sturdy metal-ceramic X-ray tube and high voltage generator integrated into a rugged compact housing. The air-cooled 200 kV/ 900 W end-grounded X-ray tube is thermally protected for extended life. The high voltage generator generates high-stability constant potential voltage at higher efficiency than conventional line frequency equipment. Additional Features • Rugged construction with proven reliability • Extended operating range from 5 kV to 200 kV enables flexible use • Gas insulated high voltage section reduces size & weigh • End-grounded, Be-window, metal-ceramic X-ray tube • DC voltage operation • Modern power electronics provides high stability • On-board real time clock supports fully automatic warm-up • Large 40° × 60° emergent beam • Optimized air-flow cooling for efficient heat dissipation • 100 % duty cycle at 30° Celsius (86° F) • Built-in fail-safe warning lamp • CE certification according to EMC and Low Voltage Directives • French Standard NFC 74 100 compliant • BfS certification (PTB approval) • Water / dust resistant in accordance with protection class IP65 • Produced under ISO 9001 certified quality management system Standard Delivery Scope ERESCO generator unit from high voltage generator and X-ray tube or optionally as a system with "ERESCO MF4 Control" control unit The performance of the X-ray tube and the high voltage generator is continuously monitored for protection and operational safety. An on-board real time clock facilitates fully automatic warm-up routines for optimized and timesaving tube conditioning. The flexible connecting cable is heavy-duty and light weight. The ERESCO series can also be controlled by PC or laptop and is compatible with the Waygate Technologies software Rhythm Insight RT. * When the focus-film distance is 700 mm (27.5 "), 42 mm (1.65") Fe penetration and AGFA STRU

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ERESCO 42 MF4 - 2

Technical Data X-ray tube type 200 kV metal-ceramic with Tungsten (W) anode Target angle Inherent filtration Emergent beam Focal spot size (EN 12 543) Tube current Options • Carrying cradle • Diaphragm / collimator attachments • Laser centering device • Transport and positioning cart • Fail-safe flashing warning lamp • Stands and mounting kits • Aluminium transport box Current and voltage stability Continuous rating Tube head diameter Protection class Operating Temperature Storage Temperature ERESCO 42 MF4 Exposure Diagram drawings not true to scale Waygate Technologies Bogenstr. 41 • 22926...

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