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DXR250C-W - 1

Portable, Wireless and Robust. Wireless Digital Detectors | Enabling the inspection of field installations to be more flexible and efficient.

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DXR250C-W - 2

DXR250C-W: Engineered for Industrial Radiography Ruggedized hard-cover for mechanical protection, easy transportation and installation in industrial set-ups • Reduced barricade time on units to inspect for optimized process safety. The new Rhythm RT DR Acquire provides additional functionality for portable wireless detectors and allows operators to acquire images in a non-proprietary and reliable DICONDE format. A new wireless—dashboard for ease of operations and troubleshooting includes tools to determine detector connectivity and to monitor relevant conditions such as wireless signal...

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DXR250C-W - 3

DXR250U-W: Optimized for a wide range of radiographic inspections The DXR250U-W builds up on the established application space of Waygate Technologies’ portable 16x16” detector series DXR250V. The new detector utilizes the same wireless and battery technology of the DXR250C-W. This extends the use to a versatile digital inspection system especially for medium to larger objects. Optimized battery, wireless technology and packaged for the toughest environments, the DXR250U-W will deliver additional productivity for radiography inspections in the field. DXR250U-W is fully compatible to most...

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DXR250C-W - 4

Ruggedized hard-cover Semi-ruggedized mobile Rhythm workstation HP 8770W Ruggedized mobile Rhythm workstation Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 Carrying case Power supply Battery charger Portable wireless router / access point

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DXR250C-W - 5

Technical specifications* Detector Battery Charger Flat Panel Type Amorphous silicon Scintillator Material Two bay, level-3, stand alone battery charger compliant with Smart Battery System (SBSBus) Power Supply Active Area (approx.) Input 30 V DC, including wide-range power supply Image Format Full: 1024 x 1024 / Binned: 512 x 512 / center Region of Interest: 512 x 512 Sequential charging Battery calibration in left bay LED status indicator Dimensions / Weight Pixel Pitch Min. Exposure Time Max. Exposure Time Charging status indicator Gigabit Ethernet WIFI 802.11g (adhoc / Access Point) 100...

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