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DXR series - 1

Rugged quality, precision imaging DXR140P-HC | DXR75P-HR detectors

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DXR series - 3

Customer driven leadership in industrial radiography Some things don’t change: like the need in non-destructive testing (NDT) for reliable, high-quality, fast and easy imaging. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do better. With the next-generation DXR wireless portable detectors Waygate Technologies, has developed a new direct radiography (DR) platform that combines the latest technical advances with extensive customer insight. The result is a range of DR detectors that meet the strictest ISO standards, designed specifically for the demands of different industrial applications. Rugged inside...

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DXR series - 4

Large size, high contrast imager for all-purpose radiography Small size, high resolution imager for critical applications Ideal for corrosion monitoring in the oil & gas and energy industries, the DXR140P-HC detector offers high contrast with 140-micron pixel resolution. The increased dose sensitivity allows shorter exposure times and faster throughput. The DXR75P-HR gives you the high, 75-micron pixel resolution required to distinguish fine details for critical applications. The detector supports ISO 17636-2 class B for weld inspection, offering precision imaging that meets the most...

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DXR series - 5

Rhythm Insight RT advanced digital tools Each DXR is a complete solution, with: Built on 15 years of experience and proven knowledge, Rhythm Insight RT offers a powerful, scalable, yet easy-to-use NDT acquisition and analysis platform, dedicated to industrial requirements, and powered by Flash! • Detector, mounted in a ruggedized case • Accessories for optional external front shielding • Transport case • Intuitive user interface for out-of-the-box scanning and image processing • Wi-Fi and wired accessories • Touch user interface for optimal operation under all conditions • Four batteries...

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DXR series - 7

Powered by Flash! intelligent image processing technology One Click Combining 25+ years of experience and patents with next-generation technology, Flash! automatically, quickly and consistently optimizes your digital radiographs. You get exquisite image quality and comfortable reading, with a faster, smoother workflow that enhances your productivity, maximizes your resources and gives your customers peace of mind. Next-level imaging Selecting the right imaging hardware has a major impact on image quality – but the software you choose is just as important! Flash! uses innovative, proven and...

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DXR series - 8

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