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BIKE platform Ultra mobile inspection robot

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BIKE platform One of the main advantages of mobile robots is their ability to reach locations inaccessible by human because of size constraints, temperature, immersion in liquids or safety reasons. Certified and experienced engineers today enter confined spaces and “look” at the predefined locations to take pictures for reporting. This is the state of the art procedure. Beside very expensive organizational issues such as watchmen and ventilation, this procedure is very dangerous for the experts. New robotic and sensor technology can provide solutions to reduce costs and risk of such...

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BIKE - 3

Ultramobile robotic platform With the BIKE platform Waygate Technologies Inspection Robotics has realized a truly ultra-mobile inspection platform. Where existing inspection crawlers are reaching their limits in terms of accessibility and maneuverability the BIKE platform is just beginning to perform. In the power generation market the platform is used for the inspection of gas turbines or hydro power stations by carrying videoscope probes. Other applications are visual inspection of pipes, exhausts, pressure tanks or heat exchangers. • Capable of passing convex and concave corners of up to...

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BIKE - 4

Integrated Control Station - ICS 2 To operate a robotic inspection system in an industrial environment it is crucial to have a reliable control station. With the second generation of Integrated Control Station - ICS 2 - the operator has the all-one-one tool at his hand. It comes in a rugged hardshell case (Pelicase®). All embedded components, as the 21.5” touchscreen, high performance PC or Joystick are selected according to industrial standards. This means extreme robustness and reliability in harsh environments as well as guaranteed spare parts for 10 years. Simplicity and ease of...

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BIKE - 5

Add-on for close-up inspection - borescope For surface inspection and measurements, a video borescope probe can be mounted. Modern borescope devices such as Waygate Technologies Mentor Visual IQ allow for high quality inspection and precise 3D measurements. The deployment mechanism allows for positioning the probe head right to the location of interest. This enables the operator to access nozzles, joints, welds or elbow connections. And because the robot is holding the probe there is no shaking and blurry images. Furthermore, the 3D phase measurement technology delivers exact measurements...

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BIKE - 6

Add.On - Ultrasonic module An Ultrasonic probe holder module can be mounted in between the front wheels for accurate thickness measurement. The module is actuated remotely by a couplant pump that lowers the Ultrasonic Transducer onto the surface. Additionally, the water is routed to the probe head and acts as couplant for the ultrasonic transmission. The standard transducer is a dual element pitch-catch probe. It creates a V-shaped sound path in the test material where one element acts as sender and the second as receiver. This improves near surface resolution and is therefore ideal for...

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BIKE - 7

Remote navigation To safely navigate to the points of interest the BIKE is equipped with several navigation aids. Internal IMUs (Inertia Measurement Unit) constantly sense the pose of the robot in the 3-dimensional space. Furthermore, internal encoders deliver information about wheel rotation. All sensor data is processed by the control software and displayed live in a 3D model. To give the operator an even more precise indication of his position and path the control software allows to load 3D CAD models of the inspected asset. This leads to a great user experience and confidence in the...

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BIKE - 8

Part list and options To navigate the BIKE platform in remote environments it is equipped with miniature cameras in the front and back of the platform. High resolution miniature SuperFisheye™ Lenses provide a field of view (FOV) of greater than 180 degrees. Front View Camera High resolution miniature SuperFisheye Lenses provide a field of view (FOV) of greater than 180 degrees. Power LED bar 16 LED lights with >2000lm left and right adjustable Ultrasonic Module Remote actuated twin crystal ultrasonic probe for wall thickness measurement Wheel Options Standard Knurled wheels for maximum...

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BIKE - 9

Dimensions and capabilities Inside pipe Inside pipe Transition from longitudinal to circumferential by spot turn Minimum inner pipe diameter for straight line driving 400mm (15.7”) Full maneuverability inside pipe with minimum diameter Outside pipe Full maneuverability on pipe outside diameter minimum Outside pipe Minimum pipe outer diameter for straight line driving Concave corners Convex corners Ability to climb outer steps and corners up to 90° Ability to climb inner steps and corners up to 90° Enables the platform to enter man-ways from the flange Technical specification BIKE Basic...

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BIKE - 10

Development support No matter if you want to use your existing Inspection cameras or go for a new fully integrated inspection system. The BIKE platform is the perfect carrier platform for hard to reach areas. This gives you the opportunity to continue Copyright 2020 Baker Hughes Company. All rights reserved. BHCS38602 (10/2020) to use existing inspection devices and provides a crucial advantage for future inspections. Our engineering and development team will support you to adapt and tailor the system for the application you need.

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