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BHCS39104 - 1

Rigid borescopes Remote visual inspection. Precision optics. Durable construction. Cost effective.

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BHCS39104 - 2

People buy our Remote Visual Inspection products because they either have a problem, think they have a problem, or need to know there isn’t a problem. We try to provide the solution to these questions with images from deep inside structures, turbine and reciprocating engines, aircraft, machines and products of all kinds. We offer you the most cost-effective solution to your inspection problem. In our core business of Remote Visual Inspection, we offer a complete portfolio of equipment including rigid borescopes, Industrial Fibrescopes, Industrial VideoProbe® systems, CCD cameras and related...

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BHCS39104 - 3

Precision optics Waygate Technologies rigid borescopes feature precision lenses, prisms and cover-glasses that deliver bright, clear images. The use of a special penta-prism at the tip ensures correct image orientation without the need for a compensating dove-prism. Special attention to maximizing light transmission in the optical path results in increased image brightness, and the on-axis resolution at the image center is held as high as possible towards the edge of the field of view. This uniform, flat field makes the smallest defects visible, and greatly reduces user eyestrain. Superior...

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BHCS39104 - 4

Waygate Technologies Rotary ScanTM rigid borescope allows 360° rotational viewing without moving the body of the scope. Tip length and chisel-tip design The “wrap-around” fiber arrangement reduces the tip length of the oblique, lateral and retro-view instruments to an absolute minimum. With the 45º and 70º direction-of-view instruments, the distal tip is wedge-shaped, like a chisel, allowing the rigid borescope to provide clear views to the bottom of blind holes. A typical example would be to view the roots of turbine blades with greater clarity. The larger the viewing area but with lower...

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BHCS39104 - 5

Rugged construction Waygate Technologies rigid borescopes are specifically designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, with all-metal construction, triple-tube shafts and durable hard-anodized aluminum bodies. to protect the prism and lens system, which is assembled separately and fitted inside. In addition to protecting the precision optical components, this design also permits easy disassembly for service and repair. Triple-tube insertion shaft All-metal body The insertion tube assembly consists of a double-walled stainless steel tube surrounding illumination fibers and...

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BHCS39104 - 6

340˚ rotary scanning. Fiber and bearing life-tested to 20,000 operating cycles Viewing direction indicator Triple-tube insertion shaft Distal Penta-Prism gives proper image orientation without need for a compensating dove prism Option of zoom eyepiece on all sizes Unique tip design with shortest tip length and wrap around fibers Light condenser in light-guide post boosts illumination by up to 30% Greater versatility Adaptable light guide fitting All rigid borescopes have detachable click-on/click-off pistol grips that make them easy to handle, and protects the light guide. The ACMI male...

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BHCS39104 - 7

Waygate Technologies swing-prism rigid borescope can fulfill the function of two or three separate conventional borescopes, reducing costs and inspection time. You can adjust the direction-of-view from 55° to 115° and scan an object’s entire length. Swing-prism rigid borescope with rotation and zoom ocular Swing-prism rigid borescopes come with variable directionof-view, a focusing device, rotatable objective tube and an optional variable magnification zoom eyepiece. Providing the capability to view steplessly in a range of directions, from 55º forward-oblique to 115º retro-view, one...

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BHCS39104 - 8

Waygate Technologies mini-rigids are uniquely constructed to make them more tolerant of accidental bending than conventional small-diameter rigid borescopes – without compromising image quality. Main features • Outer tube, body and light-guide connection made of stainless steel. • Light condenser funnel of clad-glass provides 30 percent more light output at the tip. • Light-guide post is convertible to ACMI male or female, Wolf or Storz by means of screw-on adapters. • Eyepiece is the DIN standard 32 mm (1.26 in.) diameter pattern and made from a high-temperature resistant durable plastic....

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BHCS39104 - 9

Waygate Technologies rigid borescopes are ideal for documentation and recording images, and with the appropriate adapter, can be used with conventional and digital cameras as well as color video cameras. The following documentation accessories are available: Glass fiber optic and liquid light guides from Waygate Technologies are available in various lengths, with interchangeable end-fittings that allow connection to borescopes and light sources from other manufacturers. All Waygate Technologies rigid borescopes are ideal for documenting and recording images and with the appropriate adaptor,...

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