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Fiberscopes Remote visual inspection Precision optics Durable construction Cost effective

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Ergonomic body The trim, sleek body is comfortable for hands of all sizes and the convenientlyplaced articulation and focus controls enable single-handed operation. Our flexible fiberscopes are built to withstand today’s tough industrial applications. With a stainless steel monocoil core, waterproof sealant, and stainless steel or tungsten outer braid, the scopes are built for durable performance in a variety of inspection environments. Turbine Inspection Image of Turbo Impeller

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Hardware features Tip articulation This aids maneuverability and has a scanning capability which can provide a panoramic view of the area being inspected. Tip articulation is controlled by a conveniently-located lever which operates the two-way articulating tips. Two concentric knobs are used on four-way systems. Both types have locking mechanisms to maintain a fixed articulation angle during inspection. The standard DIN eyepiece connects easily to a c-mount video camera system by way of a variable focus coupler. The ocular assembly incorporates a diopter focus adjustment to suit operators...

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Technical specifications Fiberscope models with articulation Diameter mm (in.) Insertion tube/ Bending neck braid** Fiberscope models without articulation Diameter mm (in.) Insertion tube covering stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel

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A large family of rugged, high performance inspection tools A wide range of diameters, lengths and viewing options, combined with a high-resolution image guide, make Waygate Technologies flexible fiberscopes ideal for a variety of remote visual inspection applications. They excel in capturing bright, clear images from deep inside turbines, compressors, pipes, tanks and other hard-to-reach places. Full range of models With over 30 standard models from which to choose, you are sure to find the right fiberscope for your inspection application. Standard articulating models have diameters as...

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