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THE WORLD'S LARGEST NON-POWERED EROOND SOPPORT EOOIPMEN *J<?><-'•>-ft ft^ft.ft."ft ft*-^ *ft "Z^t^Z*

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Ensures the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Customers around the world have used hundreds of thousands of our products every day for decades, and they still function like new. Quite simply, we design and build equipment that works well and lasts – up to twice as long as other equipment. Here’s why our ground support equipment lasts so long 1oo Percent Employee Owned Our Quality We own the company, so we take pride in only producing equipment we would put our own name on. Quality comes from experience; most of us have been here at least 10 years, and some for more than 30. Experienced...

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Our Capacity Tops the industry It’s easy to see how we became the biggest. With the best people and the best equipment in our facilities, we quickly fulfill custom and standard orders for both equipment and parts, and that keeps our customers coming back for more. Makes us second to none More Manufacturing Space At WASP, we know how important safety is to you and your safety group. Our Engineering Our four facilities offer enough manufacturing space to cover four Department will work closely with your team to custom design components and equipment that professional soccer fields. Regardless...

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Our Solutions Perform Consistently & Reliably WASP uses a custom industrial design process with precision manufacturing to make safe, innovative, long-lasting and low-maintenance GSE that consistently lives up to your expectations. You can see our keen focus on safety and stability Move up to 15,000 pounds (6,800 kilograms) safely and easily with our cargo, across our lines of adjustable and fixed-height stairs container and turntable dollies. Durable materials, premium hardware and for passengers and crew members, as well as access thoughtful design translate into equipment that holds up...

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