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KEEP MOVING with WASP Belt Loaders Keep luggage and packages moving with our powered walk-behind belt loader. You’ll get the cost savings and maneuverability of a walk-behind unit with greater durability than a drivable machine. Simply leave the loader near the gate and use the stowable tiller arm for precise placement at the plane. Eliminating the drive components found in most belt loaders not only increases longevity and reduces the cost, but also significantly lowers maintenance requirements. Durable components and rigorous testing ensure your loader will last and work efficiently for years. With our belt loaders, you’ll spend less time and money to keep moving at top s

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BELT LOADER POWERED WALK-BEHIND LOADER FOR LESS • An optional rear lift kit incorporates a second hydraulic lift to Flip-Up Side Guides • Operator controls on each end of the loader ensure easy access accommodate varying worker or truck transfer heights on the end opposite of the aircraft. from any position. • The roller-supported bed moves in forward and reverse with • Easily load and offload at a variety of aircraft heights. The automatic hydraulic braking and five emergency stop buttons across machine accommodates door sill bases to 119 inches (302 cm) off of the ground. the unit for...

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