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Specialized technology for Medical-Legal Institutes SECURITY FLATSCAN

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VMI Security develops X-Ray solutions for non-invasive inspection We develop innovative technology, manufacture high quality systems and offer continuous support service for preventive and corrective maintenance. We are a company that goes from start to end, from the design of control and security systems to after sales technical support services. TODAY WE ARE A GLOBAL COMPANY The VMI Industrial Park was inaugurated in a área of 140,000m², with 25,000m² of built area, following the most modern construction and environmental preservation techniques, in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. +30...

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Issuing a forensic report for death certificates can be a time consuming and expensive process. Traditional radiological imaging systems require a slow investigation process and the need to develop the X-ray image with each procedure makes analysis time consuming and expensive. The traditional solutions available on the market, in addition to being slow, require a high additional investment with: V Shielded room with high voltage electrical network. V Specialist radiology technicians to operate the system. V Monthly contracts for the treatment of chemical waste released into the sewer...

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unique solution more efficient in systems for forensic issuing forensic installed institutes reports The Spectrum Flatscan is a full-body digital X-ray system specifically designed for forensic analysis. High definition images generation Inspection tunnel shielded Easy sanitization Motorized conveyor belt Integrated scale Integration with network systems Report help tools Digital storage Our system allows the performance of the widest variety of examinations and reports in the forensic market. Available in single view and dual view versions, the Spectrum Flatscan aids in forensic report...

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Welcome to the era of digital forensic reporting IMAGE IN REAL TIME DIGITAL FILE Document available in JPG, TIFF or PDF format. Internal camera system to choose the best image without interrupting the process. INTERACTIVE TOOLS Enables interactions to obtain evidence of death. Respond with accurate reports using an agile and non-invasive inspection. SAFE OPERATION INTUITIVE INTERFACE Easy to operate without the need for an X-ray technician. Shielded inspection tunnel and operating indicator lights. EASY CLEANING STAINLESS STEEL TUNNEL The Spectrum Flatscan allows all forensic report...

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COMPARE AND SEE THE ADVANTAGES OF THE FLATSCAN Look what it says who already knows. Talk to our consultants and request a solution for your organization

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