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• automated creation and management of scheduled reports (following customizable time slots); • VBrain Suite allows 3 way of automation logic procedures settings (Auto, Semi-auto, Manual); • Alarms & Events manager is easily customizable with high flexibility level by using up to 4 thresholds, deadband, time band, snoozing; • fully web-based real time configurable HMI which guarantee multichannel, flexible desktop visualization, templates library to develop new interfaces and GIS visualization; • data export towards third-party systems by using Open API. INTEGRATION UNIFORMITY MONITORING REMOTE CONTROL AUTOMATION LOGIC USER INTERFACE States of device Executing commands Alarms management Envents Automation logic Unique Executing and multichannel commands Custom Automation logic Integrated and normalized LOGICAL SECURITY USER EXPERIENCE VBrain Suite's HMI is user friendly, easily to understand in order to provide the best user experience. VBrain Suite features a unique user experience thanks to a clientless web interface. The Web Client application has developed in HTML5 and CSS3 with responsive design technique, the dashboard layouts fit automatically respect to each kind of device (tablets, smartphones, desktop and video-wall). VBRAIN MONITORING & CONTROL FOR CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES Universal User Experience The web-based nature of VBrain produces a platform independent HMI that provides always the same feeling during use experience. HMI configuration without code Create complex application and workflows to show in few clicks without coding. Show dashboard, procedures, automation logic and graphic tools using preset parameter. User defined objects Build-up advanced graphics and dashboard in order to simplify system configurations using a lot of vectorial and dynamic objects. More then flexible The responsive design of VBrain HMI enables remote users to work easily on VBrain Suite with a tablet or smartphone without dedicate mobile applications.

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MONITORING & CONTROL FOR CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES VBrain is a software suite, fully designed and developed by Vitrociset with the aim to monitor, manage and control the automation and security systems for buildings, critical infrastructures and heterogeneous and spatial distributed networks (i.e. management of peripheral sites for an energy provider or utilities companies). VBrain Suite provides real-time monitoring and control of operations, networks and plants, ensuring costs effectiveness and time saving for maintenance and management processes. Moreover, VBrain Suite provides a complete...

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