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COMMAND & CONTROL OF COOPERATIVE FLEET OF HETEREOGENEOUS MINI\MICRO UAVS The SWARM Command and Control is able to plan, execute and review missions for Mini\Micro cooperative fleet of heterogeneous UAV’s minimizing the operational costs and maximizing the operational results. Each mini UAV of the swarm is equipped with a different type of sensor (optical, infrared, acoustic), which collects data from the environment and shares them with the rest of the swarm, using advanced computer vision algorithms, making the SWARM system dynamically reconfigurable and highly scalable in terms of...

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Real-Time: • Real-Time UAVs Telemetry visualization; • 3D Mission Scenario Visualization; • possibility to interface UAVs from different vendors through standard/custom protocols; • real-time video streaming management from single/multiple UAVs; • payload command management; • distance and coordinate conversion calculation; • FOV and UAV status visualization; • automatic objects identification through computer vision; • alarm visualization (collision, ground proximity, maximum height exceeded, UAV inside a no fly zone, UAV outside an operational area, autonomy below a configured...

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