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IS3 - 2

IS3 is a powerful Command & Control System providing an all-in-one Situational Awareness and Management capability to roll out an enhanced and rapid response to any critical event. IS3 is addressed to Security and Safety Operators: • Public Administrations; • Law Enforcement; • Civil Services; • Military Forces; • Private Ventures. IS3 is conceived for field applications: • emergency management; • mass events management; tactical operations; law enforcement (any scale) interventions; real time monitoring & alarming. IS3 provides added value: • full mobility; • integration with any legacy...

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IS3 - 3

to data coming from any available sensor (video, anti-intrusion detection, fire, etc.). Recording and playback are managed by specific HW and SW components. Command & Control Post is the IS3 heart. It can be fixed, mobile, a combination of both or even a federation of fixed and mobile Posts. A C2 fixed Post consists in a secure room featuring a Supervision Console and a configurable number of workstations, displays, tactical situation tables, microphones, speakers, keyboards. A C2 mobile Post consists in a configurable van or mini-truck, featuring a Supervision Console displayed on one or...

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IS3 - 4

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IS3 - 5

SYSTEM CONFIGURATION IS3 is scalable: a minimum set of devices can be deployed at system start-up. Add-on assets can be added as needed. IS3 is modular: any pre-existing sensor and/or actuator technology can be integrated at any time with minimum effort and no compatibility issue. IS3 Minimum Configuration Supervision Console (displays, workstations and acquisition and elaboration server); Command & Control SW; video cameras; Voice communication kit; RF or LTE gateway and relevant antenna; GPS receiver and relevant antenna; battery modules. IS3 Additional Assets Sensors: RF/MW/SAT Tx/Rx...

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