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One safety solution. One global partner.

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Complexity It’s the reason safety compliance can be so costly, time-consuming and, let’s face it: a risk to your ability to operate. And it will only get worse. VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMEN

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EVACUATION SYSTEMS PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT LIFE SAVING APPLIANCES MARINE FIRE EQUIPMENT Simplified A VIKING Shipowner Agreement offers everything you need to say goodbye to complexity forever. Put it in place. Then add to it what you need, when you need it. LIFEBOATS, HOOKS AND DAVITS

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Your business is changing The last thing you need is a rigid safety servicing contract that either can't be changed, or costs too much to adjust. VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT

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We change with you Now just one agreement can gradually be expanded to cover all of your evolving safety equipment and servicing needs. Start with a comprehensive VIKING Shipowner Agreement or simply add vessels and safety products as needed. It’s a uniquely customizable concept that covers almost all products and brands in a variety of predictable, fixed-price structures. And it ensures you know exactly: n What you get n How much it will cost n How you can change your contract underway Instant advantages n Simplify with one set of terms and conditions, and add new services to the...

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Why choose VIKING as your global safety partner? VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT

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The Most Trusted Supplier 98% of VIKING customers buy VIKING again. More than 8 out of 10 actively recommend us. The world’s best-made products An integrated servicing network Unbeatable product and service packages This isn’t just another business Our insistence on quality makes a difference to safety, durability and the costs of servicing. We won’t show you long lists of service stations, many of which can’t provide what you need. Instead, VIKINGowned service stations around the world offer fully equipped, fully-integrated capabilities. We have a solution for everyone. We have all the...

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Move 70% of your service coordination to VIKING! TIME SPENT ■ VIKING ■ Shipowner/ management Notification of due date Communicate to find the most suitable port call for service - Confirm port call Plan service Arrange transport from servicing station to vessel/agent - Mobilise crane to load/unload the liferafts - Install liferafts Arrange transport from vessel/agent to service station

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Supporting your efficiency Looking for a quick, efficient port turnaround? Then the last thing you want is to discover your supplier's list of service stations can't live up to its promises. 260 VIKING-certified and owned service stations around the world offer fully equipped, fully integrated capabilities. Local planners with state-of-the-art tools An expert planner who knows your business will be your dedicated contact person for servicing bookings and follow-up. There's extra peace of mind, too, in knowing they'll be using the most advanced global service booking and monitoring system in...

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Safe to sail? Need to service your standard or extended service interval liferafts at the next port of call? Save time and money by simultaneously servicing other safety equipment while you're there - all under one agreement. VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT

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More liferaft choices than ever n VIKING Exchange combines a fixed annual fee with instant turnaround. Liferafts due for servicing are picked up at the pier, and ready-serviced products are delivered from an exchange pool in a single, time-saving transaction. n If you prefer, simply choose among our many Fixed Price options, either renting or owning your liferafts, to make worries about service due dates, multiple vendor planning and fluctuating servicing costs a thing of the past. n Alternatively, VIKING Managed Service covers all your multi-brand servicing needs from a single, local point...

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VIKING LIFERAFTS Timing is everything When it comes to liferaft servicing, internal handling takes up a major share of costs and administration. We can help you to determine the right mix of standard or extended service interval liferafts to optimize servicing efficiency and reduce costs. Maximum flexibility With a VIKING Shipowner Agreement, you can have both liferaft types - and vary the ratio whenever you need to. We’ve even ensured they share the same packaging and rack mounts to make swapping them as easy as can be! VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT

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Mix and match liferaft types and service options Here are your options: ■ Standard liferafts throughout the fleet ■ Liferafts with extended service intervals throughout the fleet ■ A combination of standard and extended interval liferafts where appropriate Instant advantages If extended service interval liferafts suit your needs, VIKING S30 liferafts have all the advantages: Liferafts with extended service intervals (VIKING S30) A combination of standard and extended interval liferafts ■ Proven track record with more than 10 years of experience with extended service interval liferafts. ■...

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LIFE SAVING APPLIANCES Personal Protective Equipment Life Saving Appliances VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Fire Fighting Equipment

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Round-the-clock compliance Essential safety products on demand Managing dated items For your existing fleet and for newbuilds, a VIKING Shipowner Agreement saves on logistics by ensuring the ready availability of over 50 products in pre-determined ports – at fixed prices and with consistently high quality. EEBD IMMERSION SUITS FIRE CLOTHING LIFEBUOY/LIFEJACKET LIGHT LINE THROWER HAND FLARE PARACHUTE/ROCKET SMOKE SIGNAL LIFEBOAT FIRST AID KIT Instant advantages n Minimize the time and costs of achieving optimal, compliant safety. n Ensure products are of the right quality - and live up to...

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PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT More choices in protective clothing Widely used by maritime operators, immersion suits and lifejackets must always be ready to protect and save lives ​​​​​​​in the event of an emergency. VIKING performs testing and repairs with meticulous care and attention to detail - according to internationally acknowledged procedures. Arranging for your immersion suits and lifejackets to be serviced along with other safety equipment, such as liferafts, minimizes handling, transportation and overtime costs. VIKING LIFE-SAVIN

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