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Material Data Sheet No. 6001 June 1994 Edition

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Conicro 4023 W -alloy 188 Material Data Sheet No. 6001 Edition June 1994 Conicro 4023 W is a high-temperature, heat resistant, cobalt-base alloy with equal contents of nickel and chromium, a high tungsten content and a controlled lanthanum addition. Conicro 4023 W is characterised by: • excellent mechanical properties up to 1150 °C (2100 °F) • good resistance to scaling and oxidation up to 1150 °C (2100 °F) • good formability and weldability Designation and standards Country Moteriol designation National standards France ANFOR KCN22W CoCr20NiW DIN VdTUV United Kingdom BS USA UNSR30188...

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Physical properties Typical physical properties at room and elevated temperatures. Density Melting temperature Permeability at 20 °C/68 °F (RT) Electrical resistivity ft Thermol Modulus of Coefficient of thermal conductivity elasticity expansion between room temperature andT

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Mechanical properties The following properties are applicable to Conicro 4023 W in the solution-treated condition and indicated size ranges. Specified properties of material outside these size ranges are subject to special enquiry. Form Sheet, strip Plate Bar Forgings Table 4 - Minimum mechanical properties at room temperoture. Sheet, strip, plote Elongation Brinell A5 hardness Table 5 - Minimum mechanical properties of 650 °C (1200 °F) after 20 to 30 minutes of testing temperoture (according to AMS 5608).

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According lo Form Thickness, diameter Temperature Time Stress Elongation AMS 5608 Sheet, strip, plate < 0.5 > 0.5 Table 6 - Specified stress-rupture requirements of given temperature. Bend properties Conicro 4023 W sheet in the solution-treated condition can be bent through an angle of 180° over the following diameter mandrels: Sheet thickness Mandrel diameter (>0.05 in <0.187 in) Metallurgical structure Conicro 4023 W has a face-centred cubic structure. High-temperature strength is obtained by solid-solution hardening with tungsten and by precipitation of carbides. Corrosion resistance...

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Fabrication and heat treatment Conicro 4023 W is readily fabricated by usual industrial procedures. Hot and cold working, however, require high-power machines, owing to the high strength of the material. The weldability of Conicro 4023 W is excellent. Joining can be performed by oil conventional welding processes. Heating It is very important that the workpiece be clean and free from any contaminant before and during heating. Conicro 4023 W may become embrittled if heated in the presence of contaminants such as sulphur, phosphorus, lead and other low-melting-point metals. Sources of...

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VDM® Alloy 188 - 7

Technical publications The following publications concerning Conicro 4023 W may be obtained from Krupp VDM GmbH: .Korrosion von Nickel, Kobolt und Nickel* und Kobalt-Bosislegierungen' U. Brill, Krupp VDM 1992 Wt rosorvo tho nghl to mo** olf*ro'«x<i. eip*ootfy whoro nocosutattd by tochmcoi d*««(opm*nfi Of chongos m ovoJobiiify. T*io information contained in fhu do to sheet. which in ony coic provides no guorontoo ol portKiAor chorociornixs. has boon compJod to rf* bet/ oI oor knowledge but a given without ony obligation on ocr port Oor liability II determined solely by t ht mdivtduol...

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Imprint Date of publication June 1994 Publisher VDM Metals GmbH Plettenberger Straße 2 58791 Werdohl Germany Disclaimer All information contained in this data sheet are based on the results of research and development work carried out by VDM Metals GmbH, and the data contained in the specifications and standards listed available at the time of printing. The information does not represent a guarantee of specific properties. VDM Metals reserves the right to change information without notice. All information contained in this data sheet is compiled to the best of our knowledge and is provided...

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