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Vibes - 1

VIBES Software suite for value-added logistic process aut°mation at airports MOVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD

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Vibes - 2

Airport operators are facing numerous challenges due to tougher security checks, customs and border control, and tighter and frequently changing flight schedules. They are also under pressure to meet increasingly higher expectations from airports that want to deliver to the airlines, which in turn want to deliver to their passengers.

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Vibes - 3

As well as keeping pace with developments in mobile technology, self-boarding and self-service check-in, airport operators are required to minimise costs and optimise aircraft turnaround times. Maintaining total control of baggage handling and offering an excellent level of service are essential. To cope with such demands, Vanderlande has developed its state-of-the-art VIBES software. Designed to meet the needs of airport operators, handling agents, passengers and airlines, it provides flexible, effective and integrated control of baggage handling operations. Benefits include: >> an...

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Vibes - 4

Ultimate process control VIBES enables airport operators to analyse their baggage handling performance, helping to reduce operational costs. It ensures that fewer bags miss their flights, fewer operators are needed and less floor space is required. A turnkey solution from Vanderlande, VIBES offers complete control of airport baggage handling operations, from the point of entry at check-in through to final baggage reconciliation and loading. The intelligent and intuitive software has been designed to ensure that every bag reaches its flight on time, and keeps ground handlers and operators...

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Vibes - 5

Optimise operational effectiveness From stressful and reactive to relaxed and proactive, VIBES can transform any airport operation and provides the following benefits. >> Fully integrated systems that offer control at work floor level, provide management board information, allow tracking and tracing, and are easy to integrate with other airport systems – all designed and made by Vanderlande. >> ntegrated security control, and support for customs and I border control – the most advanced solution in the market. >> ptimised use of resources and provision of on-demand O information to expedite...

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Vibes - 6

VIBES Essentials Designed for stability, change and adaptability VIBES Essentials controls all Vanderlande products, such as screening, scanning and sorting solutions. It has been developed to cope with and overcome potential disruptions to the baggage handling system. Early discovery of inconsistent or missing data, predefined degraded modes and quick recovery tools ensure a continuously high performance. VIBES is designed so that the flow of baggage can continue, even in the event of server or network disturbance. It is easy to update with the latest features of baggage handling,...

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Vibes - 7

Flow control Optimising throughput, reducing mishandled bags and labour costs VIBES not only enables airports to monitor handling equipment and processes, but also predict baggage flow using the flow control module. Known as Operational Dashboard, this gives an insight to process performance and highlights abnormal flows, such as a higher misread rate on baggage labels from a transfer flight. VIBES flow control can identify how many bags are due to arrive in five minutes’ time, where they are supposed to go, and how much time there is before the flight make-up closes. Operators can then...

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Vibes - 8

Peak shaving Key features >> Pull’ instead of ‘push’ process, resulting in ‘ Expanding capacity and reducing flight make-up time VIBES peak shaving software provides all the tools in order to save on expensive expansions. It does this by increasing the throughput in a baggage handling system by up to 10% in peak hours, without equipment modifications. VIBES peak shaving provides airports with a unique opportunity to use existing laterals and their stores to shorten the make-up time for flights. As soon as a lateral is free, and there is enough early baggage in the store for a flight, a...

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Vibes - 9

Process improvements Continuous improvement, process engineers Key features >> eports showing all relevant operational R KPIs. >> ased upon best practices at Vanderlande, B Vanderlande produces reports on how well a baggage handling system is performing on a daily basis. All kinds of reports are available on flights, passengers, equipment and other entities. As part of VIBES process improvements, Vanderlande offers personnel to analyse this data and train airport employees on how to use this valuable information. This process enhances the quality, performance and availability of the...

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Vibes - 10

Passenger services Key features >> ncorporated features for premium services I Adding value to enhance the passenger experience VIBES passenger services enable airlines and airports to provide passengers with more accurate information on their baggage. Starting with integrated self-service bag drop, data is collected all the way up to aircraft loading. Vanderlande systems already know if a passenger’s bag has not travelled on the same flight before they wait at the reclaim carousel. Sharing this information in passenger apps, FIDS and other communication tools, helps airports and airlines...

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Vibes - 11

Flight services Key features >> ntegrated baggage handling system control I Enhanced apron processes to reduce mishandled baggage and labour costs VIBES flight services offer airports an opportunity to futureproof their existing systems, reducing the amount of mishandled baggage and cutting labour costs. These focus on ground handling and are based on the integrated baggage reconciliation module. Fewer bags are mishandled because the system highlights which bags are in the aircraft and which ones are not. VIBES flight services can locate a missing bag anywhere in the system, so an operator...

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Vibes - 12

Features and references Key features and technical details >> >> >> >> >> >> >> Modular and scalable RFID-ready Fully integrated with baggage handling system Improves baggage handling operational efficiency Easy integration with airport systems Real-time detailed information about your processes at all times Long-term statistics Some global references >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> A msterdam Airport Schiphol – The Netherlands A ntalya International Airport – Turkey C airo International Airport – Egypt C luj International Airport – Romania D alaman International Airport – Turkey...

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