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High capacity with faultless tracking TUBTRAX is a high-speed individual carrier system (ICS). Bags loaded in carriers are transported smoothly with high capacity and faultless tracking. The system is beneficial at every stage of the baggage handling process, from self bag drop at check in to flight make-up for departure, and from arrivals to reclaim. TUBTRAX’s storage-efficient carriers can handle various sizes of baggage, including regular IATA-sized items, in a mixed flow. Baggage remains safely loaded at all times, while the carrier is transported on the most appropriate technology...

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Two of the key benefits of an integrated TUBTRAX-BAGTRAX system are excellent process control and low operational costs. In addition, evidence drawn from our ICS systems worldwide (stretching over 150 km) indicates that operator intervention for a TUBTRAX system is around 100 times lower than for a conventional ‘raw’ baggage variant. This is thanks to the precisely designed carriers with integrated RFID tags and enclosed side guards. Smart energy control TUBTRAX: end-to-end baggage conveyance in carriers >> Full tracking from bag drop to reclaim >> Smart energy control and green credentials...

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BAGSTORE Temporary holding of baggage in static early bag storage (EBS) racks with individual access (such as the 100% redundant BAGSTORE) is the most efficient storage method. This prevents energy consuming recirculation. TUBTRAX systems are flexible and can be scaled to the required capacity depending on the baggage flow, handling all processes with minimum energy use. Sustainability The carrier is constructed from recyclable materials according to Cradle to Cradle® principles. This further contributes to a baggage handling solution offering optimal sustainability. The twin belt has also...

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This expertise is reflected in the way Vanderlande designs its systems. Comprehensive simulations are conducted before installation, which means they are durable enough to handle the demands of real-life airport environments. Mixed flows TUBTRAX is capable of handling a mixture of standard carriers for normal bags and larger carriers for oversized or out-of-gauge baggage. These carriers can also share the same loaders and unloaders. In addition, intelligent flow control software (VIBES) distributes empty carriers to the correct loading points according to defined priorities. This prevents...

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TUBTRAX systems can achieve an average speed of 2.5 m/s, twice as fast as conventional ‘raw’ baggage systems. This level of performance can be further improved with belt speeds of up to 7 m/s attainable. Although belt speeds of 10 m/s are technically feasible, this can lead to higher wear, noise and energy consumption. For the shortest possible in-system times, Vanderlande offers a unique solution for super-high-speed bag processing by integrating TUBTRAX with its proven BAGTRAX technology. BAGTRAX transports carts on rails with linear drive technology, similar to those used on...

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TUBTRAX features and references Technical features Standard carriers: Oversize carriers: Line capacity: Screening compatibility: Storage: Speed: Sorting: Angle of incline: Empty carrier storage: 950 x 1,200mm (SBT standard baggage carrier) 950 x 2,200mm (OBT oversize baggage carrier) 1,800–4,000 carriers per hour ECAC Standard 2 and 3 carriers in racks or lanes 2.5 m/s (normal twin belt) 7 m/s (high-speed twin belt) 10 m/s (possible with high-speed twin-belt) 14 m/s (BAGTRAX rail transport) 1,200 carriers per hour (static) 3,000 carriers per hour (dynamic) 4,500 carriers per hour (with...

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0005EN15/09 This information is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment on the part of Vanderlande. No rights can be derived from the photos and illustrations used in this publication.

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