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AIRPORTS Reliable partner for value-added logistic process automation MOVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD

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Reliable partner Vanderlande is the global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports. This ranges from the design of the departures hall itself to the check-in and bag drop systems, through to automated passenger security checkpoints. At all times, we are dedicated to designing solutions that facilitate the efficient and smooth transit of both passengers and luggage, and optimising the experience for all travellers. We have established a global reputation over the past six decades as a highly reliable partner for airports, and use our experience to implement the...

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Added value Several factors drive investments in the automated hold baggage and passenger checkpoint solutions at airports. These include the growth of worldwide passenger volumes, the need to optimise your offer to attract airlines and facilitate more transfer flights with shorter connection times. These developments increase the relevance of – and dependence on – high throughput automated passenger checkpoints and high-capacity, full track-and-trace baggage handling systems. Such factors also drive the demand for greater security and increased performance levels. Therefore, airports of...

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Innovative systems Vanderlande can meet any airport’s demands in full – from bag drop and passenger security checks, through to onward conveyance, storage, sortation, flight make-up, and baggage reclaim. We are the market’s largest OEM supplier of logistic process automation for airports, with the broadest range of total solutions. Vanderlande has also established many successful partnerships to ensure that we continue to surpass customer expectations, optimise the passenger experience and enhance an airport’s proposition to its stakeholders. All baggage handling systems must incorporate a...

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Intelligent software Airport operators are facing numerous challenges due to tougher security checks, customs and border control, and tighter and frequently changing flight schedules. They are also under pressure to meet increasingly higher expectations from airports that want to deliver a worldclass service to airlines, and in turn to their passengers. As well as keeping pace with developments in mobile technology, self-boarding and self-service check-in, airports are required to minimise costs and optimise aircraft turnaround times. Therefore, effective asset management is crucial in the...

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Life-cycle services In today’s constantly evolving business environment, you need the support of reliable partners committed to your specific needs. Changing requirements and regulatory demands mean you may have to adapt your logistic processes and systems. The invaluable work carried out by more than 100 of our site-based service teams and many other personnel actively supports system maintenance, logistics management and business improvement processes on a global basis. Our life-cycle services are a key part of our full value proposition. These solutions result in optimal baggage...

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Developing sustainable solutions through continuous innovation Vanderlande is continuously investing in innovative and sustainable technology and solutions in response to your needs. Optimising energy efficiency is a must for any business looking to lower operational costs, but also reduce its carbon footprint. Through our products and solutions, we aim to contribute to your objectives in terms of your responsibilities to stakeholders, and to the environment in general. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and we proactively assess the market and absorb customer feedback to ensure the...

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E-mail: 0048EN16/11 This information is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment on the part of Vanderlande. No rights can be derived from the photos and illustrations used.

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