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Product Spotlight Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager Most accurate and professional thunderstorm tracking and alert management Key benefits Trusted industry partner Thunderstorm Manager is built on NLDN and GLD360, the most trusted lightning detection networks in the world, and relied upon by the U.S. Armed Forces, National Weather Service, Federal Aviation Administration, and many large commercial organizations. Global, all-terrain coverage The application provides fast lightning alerts for any place in the world, including oceans, the highest mountain peaks, and other geographic locations not covered by radar or meteorological instruments. Worker safety and operational efficiency represent chief priorities for most organizations. When it comes to severe weather threats and disruptions, Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager offers a reliable, comprehensive, and streamlined way to track approaching thunderstorms to understand worker safety threats and minimize costly operational down time due to lightning. For industries where down-time costs thousands of dollars per minute, a quick and accurate assessment of the thunderstorm situation and automated lightning alerts can make all the difference in minimizing the risk for ground and maintenance crews — while still maximizing profits. Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager is a web-based application that allows you to track approaching storms in real-time and make faster, safer decisions without maintaining a lightning detection system or database of your own. The app supports a broad range of applications at the global, national, and regional scale for lightning surveillance. Data when it matters most Standardization across all user facilities enable consistent results driven by the most accurate and highest quality lightning data, which is available 99.99+% of the time. Easy access and automated alerts from any location Based in the cloud, Thunderstorm Manager can be accessed via desktop or mobile device using any modern web browser from any location with internet access. Automated alerts can be sent by email, HTTPS, and SMS to multiple email addresses, devices, or phone numbers. Quality you can count on Vaisala’s commitment to the highest quality and most accurate lightning data supports organizations who prioritize quality and safety, regardless of your industry

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Thunderstorm Manager at a glance Why Vaisala? • Reliable, accurate lightning detection enables real-time visualization of lightning events for airport and other safety personnel to make faster, safer determinations on when to stop and then safely resume operations. Versatile display options allow both cloud-to-ground and incloud lightning representation on a map, with updates every 30 seconds. Display includes lightning polarity, magnitude of each strike, and a color-scaled time stamp to visualize storm path. • The Lightning Threat Zone capability improves user understanding of a...

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