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Vaisala shipboard weather systems Confident to operate in all weather conditions

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Shipboard weather systems Building on more than 80 years of experience, Vaisala has a unique understanding of weather measurement. Our extensive expertise and global presence – with solutions in over 120 countries – makes us your global maritime weather expert. A Vaisala Shipboard Weather System provides accurate and timely weather information to support your decision-making. When you choose Vaisala, you can be confident that you have a reliable, flexible, and proven solution that you can rely on in all weather conditions. Ship wind system Ship weather system The wind system is designed to...

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Advanced ship weather system When you need more detailed weather information, such as meteorological, oceanographic, or aviation weather support, a Vaisala Advanced Ship Weather System is the right choice. All weather parameters can be monitored in the Maritime Observation Console display software, while userconfigurable alarms ensure safe operations. The Automatic Weather Station selects the windward wind sensor, eliminating the effects of air-flow distortion caused by ship superstructures. The data logging provides access to historical data for easy report generation, and data quality...

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Confidence starts with proven technology Take confidence in the knowledge that reliable and accurate sensors form the backbone of your marine weather system, helping your vessel to operate safely in all weather conditions. Vaisala weather sensors – featuring our proprietary WINDCAP®, RAINCAP®, HUMICAP®, and BAROCAP® technologies – are designed to stand up to whatever challenges the weather throws at them, from arctic conditions to high humidity environments and tropical weather. Vaisala core components Automatic weather station • Can generate reports for various end-users including...

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