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Product Spotlight Vaisala RoadAI pavement inventory Comprehensive and objective analysis of pavement conditions for enhanced road management Key benefits Better data for better decisions RoadAI data in 10- or 100m resolution accurately classifies pavement for more than 20 categories of defects and patches to support strategic pavement programing and asset management at the city, regional, and national level. Superior data analysis with AI Traditional road pavement condition surveys are mostly performed manually, subjecting the process to human errors and delays, and further draining limited resources. With Vaisala RoadAI, pavement assets can be evaluated thoroughly and objectively for efficient management at a fraction of the price of manual evaluations. Vaisala RoadAI combines a user-friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool with high-quality video data and reliable methodology to simplify and improve pavement inventory and management. As municipalities and highway authorities seek better methods to assess their network of roads, Vaisala’s advanced pavement analysis enables inspectors to quickly create thorough, accurate reports about pavement conditions using just a mobile smart phone to support strategic decision-making about asset management. AI provides advanced analysis of the sensor-recorded video data and removes human error. This results in a comprehensive inventory available less than 24 hours after survey that can be verified by the inspector from the video data of the entire network with just a few clicks. Road condition reports 4x faster and at half the price RoadAI enables inspectors to work independently to multitask, resulting in decreased costs associated with data collection for pavement surveys. Long-term condition tracking capabilities RoadAI supports tracking of pavement condition deterioration over time, providing objective data to evaluate investments and adjust budget priorities from year to year.

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Vaisala RoadAI at a glance Why Vaisala? • Provides information and analysis of pavement defects and patches across more than 20 different categories. Comprised of live road video and state-of-the-art analytics for automated and unbiased inspection that can be independently verified. • Combines analysis of all defect types, including cracking, potholes, fretting, settlement, deterioration, and bleeding into objective surface condition report on every 10m segment. Fully automated and able to capture data more frequently, RoadAI enables better decision making based on near real-time data. •...

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