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Product Spotlight Vaisala National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) Most accurate and dependable lightning detection across the continental U.S. Key benefits Available today at no capital costs Providing real-time data for you, without the need to purchase, install, or maintain any sensor equipment or processing systems, and available to you almost immediately. Data you can count on Delivers the precision necessary for the most efficient safety operations, premier meteorological applications, and transmission line reliability, trusted by federal agencies, the biggest power utilities, and the world’s largest airlines. A powerful force of nature, lightning can cause serious harm or damage in an instant. Vaisala National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) prepares organizations before lightning strikes near them by delivering scientifically accurate total lightning data from across the United States in real time. Equipped with best-in-class information about the location, time, and type of lightning, organizations can make better decisions to safeguard personnel, protect assets, deploy resources, and minimize downtime. Unique in its superior ability to differentiate between cloud-toground and in-cloud events, Vaisala NLDN thunderstorm detection efficiency rate is near 100%, with an event location accuracy better than 150m and timing down to the microsecond. This high level of precision and accuracy gives organizations the information they need to quickly assess risk, issue hazardous weather warnings, prepare for potential power outages, or investigate the cause of fire damage — all without maintaining a detection system or hardware of their own. Quick, easy access With better than 99.99% uptime, Vaisala NLDN data has about 12-second latency and is delivered over a variety of real-time feed methods, file types, and APIs. Historical data can also be easily accessed and analyzed. Robust and comprehensive Unlike other available solutions, NLDN offers uniform detection and accuracy across the entire continental U.S. thanks to superior technology and network design. The NLDN detects more lightning events over the continental U.S. than any other network

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• Earlier and more accurate detection of hazardous weather conditions to inform decisions regarding airport and other outside personnel to maximize safety while minimizing costly downtime. Around the clock detection with superior accuracy, NLDN detection efficiency for cloud-to-ground flashes is greater than 95%, with overall classification accuracy of 85-90% and median location accuracy of 150m or better. • Support meteorological agencies and organizations by providing critical input data for models and severe weather forecasting. • Better prepare for storm-related power outages by...

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