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Product Spotlight Vaisala Lightning Exporter High-quality, accurate historical lightning data easily viewed and exported for your reports Key benefits Reduced operational downtime Lightning Exporter lets you analyze detailed storm information in near real time, even when your asset may have just been compromised. You can make more-informed decisions to maximize productivity by dispatching people to the right asset at the right time. Greater protection from liability Dependable data about lightning type, location, and intensity can help determine the cause of a particular incident and help in designing a preventative plan of action. Vaisala Lightning Exporter provides an easy-to-use web interface that lets you compile the exact lightning data you need from hazardous weather events near your facility or assets, backed by the most accurate real-time and historical storm information available anywhere. Having quick, easy, seamless access to the ever-expanding repository of current and historical Vaisala lightning data will enhance the reliability of any report you generate for management, legal teams, unions, or external audiences. Utilizing Lightning Exporter to preview and gather your lightning data will ensure you’ll have confidence in your evaluations. Our highly accurate, precise data helps you justify downtime, review operational procedures, potential damage to assets and, in the case of accidents, show there has not been negligence with respect to worker safety. It is the dependable data boost most commercial safety operations need at power utilities, mining companies, oil and gas terminals, maritime operations, airports, and airlines to improve safety, efficiency, and their assets without having to invest in new software or systems. Increased asset reliability Lightning Exporter gives you access to extensive storm data near your assets — even those spread across multiple geographic regions — that can improve your emergency, maintenance, and operational asset management. A single source for data Vaisala has the largest, most sophisticated, and most accurate lightning detection networks in the world that capture detailed lighting data wherever your assets are, and Lightning Exporter puts this information right at your fingertips. Enhanced reporting The more accurate and comprehensive the lightning data you have to work with, the better evaluations your reports and presentations will deliv

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Lightning Exporter at a glance Why Vaisala? Applications • Incorporating comprehensive lightning information into your safety and planning reports to help improve asset management before, during, or after a weather threat or incident. Easy access to the dependable data you need with the confidence that it includes all the lightning events that occurred within your specified area of interest for your specified time period, and that identified lightning characteristics are accurate and reliable. • Reviewing potential risks for lightning damage to enhance the effectiveness of your asset...

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