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Product Spotlight Vaisala Forecaster for solar and wind energy Industry-leading weather forecast data to maximize solar or wind energy production and value, mitigate risk, and optimize assets Key benefits Data you can trust Vaisala’s data quality is the best available in the industry. The forecast system statistically integrates on-site data to calibrate forecasts to the area’s distinct climate and geography. Effective and efficient renewable energy management depends on optimizing the power of the wind and sun. Supported by cutting-edge science and robust data assimilation and supercomputing capabilities, Vaisala Forecaster for wind and solar energy provides exceptionally accurate wind forecasts to effectively manage investments, reduce risk, and gain a competitive edge in the wind energy market. Forecaster for wind energy uses a combination of statistical algorithms, highly customized mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models, machine learning artificial intelligence models, and publicly available forecasts to provide accurate wind forecasts that incorporate the actual operating characteristics of each project and the most advanced weather forecasts available. Forecaster for solar energy relies on superior modeling techniques to provide accurate irradiance and power forecasts specific to a solar project’s unique environment, with a prediction interval ranging from 5 minutes to 240 hours in the future. The resulting forecasts are available as site-specific or regional tools, providing asset owners, project managers, energy traders, and schedulers superior information to make confident, data-driven decisions. Forecaster for wind energy provides users with tools for a variety of use cases, including wind power forecast, weather forecast, accurate and reliable prediction intervals, and verification tools. Optional features, such as real-time project data monitoring and higher resolution model simulations, further expand capacity. All forecasts are available via customizable graphical user interface and API. Tested in the real world Vaisala Forecaster has been in operation for over 20 years and is relied on by some of the world’s leading renewable energy operators and traders. Together, with our customers, we have learned what works and what doesn’t work. We have continuously refined and improved the system — in cooperation with our customers, and often working with national laboratories to incorporate the latest advances into our methods. Customized forecasts for profitable decisions The system starts with highly accurate weather forecast data and tailors each forecast to its unique local environment and project operating data, resulting in reliable and customized predictions to drive decisio

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Site-specific wind forecasting Key features Data delivered through a client-specific dashboard with data files available in multiple formats. Output data includes aggregate power, generating capacity, and aggregated capacity-weighted wind speed. Additional output includes accurate and reliable prediction intervals at each and every forecast time horizon. Optional output includes an independent forecast of potential generation at each wind turbine. Tools include meteograms for air temperature, precipitation, and hub height wind speed. Verification tools allow for hourly and daily time...

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Site-specific solar forecasting Key features Forecasts are delivered through a customizable dashboard that displays site-specific conditions and easily interpreted graphics. Day-ahead irradiance, power forecasts, and historical forecast information can be downloaded. Machine learning techniques significantly reduces forecast error and bias. API available for faster integration of forecasts into internal analysis and programming platforms. Guaranteed 24/7 availability with forecasts updated every six hours and hourly or sub-hourly projections up to 60 hours in the future. Regional solar...

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Vaisala Energy Budget Outlook Tool Why Vaisala? Weather forecasting plays a huge role in the profitability of renewable energy products. Vaisala Energy Budget Outlook Tool provides weather forecasts that enable renewable energy project managers to create precise energy budgets. Subscription access to accurate wind forecasts and data provides asset owners, project managers, portfolio managers, and energy traders the information to mitigate risk while making confident business decisions and projections. Key benefits Independent assessment Energy Budget Outlook Tool removes the guesswork and...

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