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Operations at the airport will be impacted by weather, and your customers will no longer be happy. Your job is to get the airport back to normal as quickly as possible, maintain safety of everyone at the airport, and lessen the impact during the weather event. Know exactly what is coming to your airport and when! With weather disruption you do not have the time to look at multiple sources for support. You need the most accurate information, quickly. In addition, you need a tool that tells you what you are looking at – like what is important and what is not. Imagine having an airport weather...

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How can Vaisala help? AviMet DSS is a subscription-based service that combines your Runway Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and Vaisala’s own lightning and severe weather data. There is no need to purchase or install additional equipment. Vaisala uses its National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) or Global Lightning Dataset (GLD360), installs our stateof-the-art Liquid Water Equivalent (LWE) station, handles all servicing, and provides you access to the data through our cloud-based software. View Weather Information in a Single Software AviMet DSS Includes: View past & present runway...

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