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The Vaisala AUTOSONDE® AS41 Taking accuracy, reliability, and operational efficiency to new heights

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How weather data benefits society The four most important factors in weather prediction are accuracy In today’s changing climate, better weather prediction has far-reaching socioeconomic consequences. High-quality atmospheric observations provide the data necessary for accurate forecasting that helps us anticipate and prepare for extreme weather events. Meteorological institutes need to optimize their observation systems and networks to provide the greatest benefit, and soundings form the backbone of weather observation systems. An automatic sounding station is an important tool in the...

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Launching Performs an automatic ground check, launches the balloon, collects and processes the data, and uploads it to your weather prediction model. Loading Load up to 60 radiosondes at a time: Only need one loading per month. Storage space for 4 months’ worth of supplies. Filling Balloon filling component and launch vessel are positioned outside the main cabinet. Data Remotely control and access data from the AUTOSONDE AS41 using a standard web browser or Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10 software. Easy to install and safe to use, even with hydrogen. Designed to minimize safety...

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Comprehensive services to support your operations Vaisala is your lifecycle partner for environmental observations from the start of investment planning through the equipment end of life. Every customer is different — so is our approach. We provide many services individually through predefined service activities or modular service agreements. Expertise you can count on Vaisala is the world leader in providing the most accurate and reliable weather measurement systems. Our sounding systems are based on more than 80 years of measurement expertise. Thanks to our history and experience, Vaisala...

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Revolutionizing global upper air measurement for over 80 years Atmospheric sounding technology has been at the heart of Vaisala since our story began more than 80 years ago, when Professor Vilho Väisälä put the finishing touches on his first commercial radiosonde in 1936. Today, atmospheric soundings with Vaisala equipment make a major impact in forecasts, all over the world. Ref. B211754EN-B ©Vaisala 2020 Scan the code for more information This material is subject to copyright protection, with all copyrights retained by Vaisala and its individual partners. All rights reserved. Any logos...

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