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Product Spotlight Lightning Threat Zone API Global nowcasts that easily integrate into your tracking or warning tools Key benefits Enable greater situational awareness Allow users to follow developing storm situations in real time and from farther away. Even create alerts for users on approaching weather that could pose a lightning threat or even have the potential for severe weather. Better manage, visualize, and contextualize nearby storms How do you predict the behavior of something as unpredictable as a thunderstorm? It’s one of the great quandaries faced by safety management professionals in both the public and private sectors. Be too cautious, and you can cause costly service disruption and downtime. Miscalculate the other way, and people can get hurt. Vaisala Lightning Threat Zone API boosts the thunderstorm nowcasting and alert information that software developers can easily leverage within their situational awareness platforms. This yields localized, actionable insights for their end users in times when people’s safety depends on their decisions. Vaisala Lightning Threat Zone API starts with data from detection networks that capture more global lightning events than any other in the the world and analyses them utilizing a sophisticated algorithm to deliver simple and effective forecast visualizations. It can work with severe weather forecasting systems and weather tools to give greater insight into the potential impact a severe thunderstorm might have. Enable users to determine if or when a thunderstorm is likely to be a threat to their location. Even estimate when lightning will move beyond a user’s alert area so people can return to work. Lightning Threat Zone API lets users plan accordingly and continue to operate safely, because it localizes forecasting, warns you sooner, and lets you see how a storm is behaving. Bring thunderstorm forecasting clarity to your weather platforms. See storm trajectory displays and storm cell velocity vectors that include speed and direction, allowing users to identify when storm cells are beginning to develop or decay. Faster lead times Start planning sooner with nowcasts of potential thunderstorm activity by forecasting up to 60-minutes out, in 10-minute increments, improving safety and increasing efficiency for your users. More localized forecasts Layer local, real-time context with other severe thunderstorm warnings, which are typically by county or multiple counti

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Lightning Threat Zone API at a glance • Visualizing and understanding the level of threat a storm poses, whether it is approaching, moving away, or is currently overhead triggering lightning alarms. Simple API query that can easily integrate into your weather systems and platforms. • Improving thunderstorm forecasting, especially in parts of the globe not covered by accessible radar or with limited access to weather data. • Building localized warnings into existing weather applications to provide accurate weather warning information that is more relevant to commercial or public users. •...

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