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Product Spotlight Continuing Current – Lightning Dataset Identify the destructive lightning strikes most likely to have damaged your assets, or started a wildfire Strikes with continuing current are the small fraction of lightning most likely to ignite wildfires, put holes in wind turbine blades, cause extreme heating damage to transmission networks and set fire to property. Vaisala’s Continuing Current Dataset has been developed to identify these events, determine their duration, and deliver that information in near realtime. It is available from both the US National Lightning Detection Network and Vaisala global network, the GLD360 In order to deliver this unique information this patented capability combines high accuracy lightning data from Vaisala’s ground-based networks with data from NOAA’s satellite-borne lightning mapping sensors, onboard two Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites. Lightning strokes with continuing current can have a duration hundreds of times longer than a normal stroke, and transfer significantly more electric charge, which can cause substantial damage due to extreme heating. This capability is available with both NLDN and GLD360 providing coverage over the USA, Mexico and across most South American countries Key Benefits Faster identification and more effective inspection of likely damaged areas or areas in which a fire might have started Warning alerts that infrastructure is likely to have been seriously damaged. Early intervention to prevent progressive damage. Cost reduction by prioritizing post-storm inspections of assets and infrastructure likely to have been dam

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Why Vaisala? The industry’s most dependable technology Vaisala understands the challenges lightning can bring to your business and operations. For over 30 years, we have created products and services that deliver lightning data that our customers trust to assist their critical decisionmaking. Images of a 24 hours period in 2019 showing lightning across northern California demonstrating how Continuing Current Dataset can be implemented to identify potential problems. The map sequence progressively filters out, initially, the cloud lightning events leaving only the cloud-to-ground events,...

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