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A clearer approach to RVR Principles and solutions for accuracy and reliability

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The importance of Runway Visual Range (RVR) Few types of data are as important to airports and pilots as Runway Visual Range (RVR). Without accurate and reliable visibility information, airports risk not being able to operate runways safely — and at full capacity — in all weather conditions. For categorized airports, an accurate RVR assessment is the most essential factor for enabling air traffic control (ATC) and pilots to make the correct operational decisions. ICAO documented the importance of RVR as far back as the 1970s, and today it requires automated RVR assessment at all CAT II and...

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Visibility measurement methods for RVR: Transmissometers and forward scatter sensors Visibility, technically defined as Meteorological Optical Range (MOR), is a seemingly simple observation that is nevertheless prone to error, and has a direct impact on the given RVR value. Only proven, high-end RVR systems with state-of-the-art sensors can ensure accurate visibility data so airports can operate safely at full capacity, in all weather conditions. Each airport faces a decision about which type of sensor to deploy, since two approaches are widely used. ICAO has defined transmissometers and...

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Transmissometer operating principles A transmissometer sends light between two points to directly measure visibility degradation due to light scattering and absorption effects. This principle is called light attenuation, and it is advantageous because it closely resembles how the human eye works. It allows for very high accuracy, particularly in low-visibility conditions, and it is the best method to measure RVR range from 0 to 2,000m. Transmissometer technology is suitable for all conditions and air impurity types, including weather phenomena like rain and snow, as well as sand, dust,...

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Vaisala AviMet ICAO Compliant Runway Visual Range System The AviMet ICAO Compliant Runway Visual Range System is a fully automated RVR assessment system that gives airports a single, scalable solution. It can easily be integrated with, or expanded into, a full Vaisala AviMet Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS). The AviMet RVR system fulfills ICAO requirements, is suitable for any airport, and makes visibility data available to ATC, pilots, and others using the ideal formats and alerting methods. This way, all stakeholders are able to put RVR information to use immediately and...

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Part of the larger AviMet ecosystem AviMet is the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated aviation weather solution. It includes, but is not limited to, RVR. Each of the capabilities in the chart below are addressed with specific Vaisala sensors and systems, which are chosen and easily integrated based on an airport’s needs. Airport Weather Automatic weather observing system Runway visual range 2D/3D wind field awareness Adverse Weather Windshear alert system Runway Management Weather radar Lightning detection Runway condition assessment and reporting Pavement condition monitoring Runway...

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Vaisala visibility sensors: The core technologies for AviMet RVR Vaisala Transmissometer LT31 The Vaisala Transmissometer LT31 is the most accurate and trusted solution available for automatic measurement of RVR. It is the best choice for airports where accuracy and reliability in critical, low-visibility situations is required. Because of its outstanding technology and performance, the LT31 is the most-installed RVR transmissometer in the world. LT31 at a glance: • The highest level of precision possible for RVR sensors in all types of weather • Exceeds ICAO Annex 3 definition of RVR...

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Adaptable for any airport, ready to serve you now The Vaisala AviMet ICAO Compliant Runway Visual Range System provides exceptional reliability, low lifecycle costs, and the assurance of a one-stop, globally trusted vendor. Vaisala’s decades of experience and unmatched scientific leadership ensure that as airport needs evolve, so does our ability to immediately and effectively meet those needs. We know that building an RVR solution goes beyond the technology. It also takes a spirit of partnership and helpful guidance. Whatever your airport size, geography, or climate, Vaisala is ready to...

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